FO: Leaf Edged Hat

I made this hat for a Christmas present for DH’s grandma. If I have time, I might try matching mittens. She’s 90 and still very active on the farm, so I think she’d make use of them!

I used the leaf edging from The Knitters Bible and then picked up stitches and sort of followed the basic hat pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I put in the other picture so you can see the edging better. The yarn is Wool Ease in blue mist. Hope it fits her!

That is one great hat! I can just see that on a feisty older woman walking around on the farm! :happydance:

I LOVE HER already!! REALLY nice job, Mer! You need to write up the pattern for that one!

how adorable!

That hat is great!

great hat mer!!! Don’t you LOVE last minute knitted gifts??? I’m making one of the hats for my nephew right now; he was all excited to pic out FIVE WHOLE COLORS by HIMSELF. :rollseyes:

Thanks everyone! I really liked that leaf pattern and wanted to use it for something, so I chose a hat. It’s a nice way to make a basic hat a little more interesting. And yes, hildie, I do love that book! :inlove: I hope to make a few more things from it for holiday gifts.

Hey Mer, you should write down the pattern and PM it to Amy; I’m sure she’ll post it on the free patterns page.

See, that’s what a cap is supposed to look like! It’s beautiful and I just love the color. Anyone would be proud to wear that and it is a wonderful gift!


Thanks all! Do you think it would be a problem writing up the pattern since I used other patterns as guides? :thinking: I guess that’s what most new patterns are though, just variations on what’s already been done. I can definitely write it up in this size at least.

P.S. I was inspired by Julie’s lace hat she whipped up! :thumbsup:

It’s beautiful, Mer! Write it up and I will test it for you! :smiley:

I love that hat. I am really getting into hats. I just want a whole bunch for myself so I don’t have to fix my hair. :smiley:

I would test it for you.


Mer, I LOVE it!! :inlove: I’d be proud to put that pattern on this site. IN FACT, I’d consider buying it from you, to add to my small upcoming store section, if you’re interested. I’m getting ahead of myself, because I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing with the pattern section of the store, but it’s a possibility! That pattern is fantastic! I’ll PM you. :wink:

OMG! :blush: You all are too sweet. Amy, I’ll write you back.