FO - Lapghan

I finished one of two lapghans for my brothers for Christmas. I used (once again!) I Love This Yarn in Navajo Ombre and Black.

Here is the pattern:

I’m off to start on lapghan number two!!:slight_smile:

Nice work! It’s really pretty!

Oh, that’s so pretty! Manly, I mean. :teehee:

Your blankets are always beautiful, my friend.


Nice job! I love the designs that come out of variegated yarns. I am sure your brothers will love using your cozy afghans.


I love your afghan!! You do very nice work!

Very nice! I like how the color design turned out. :thumbsup:

Thank You for the pattern. That is pretty!


Very nice! I love the colors you chose. :yay:

Great work! You really chose the right color combo! Your brother will keep this blanket for a long long time!!!

Thank you very much!! I have enjoyed posting my FO’s to the site and getting all the wonderful praise. :heart: I hope to finish my other brother’s and post it soon.

That is gorgeous!! I love the colors, I am sure your brother will LOVE it!