FO--Lacy Shrug

I made this in just under a week. I made it for a woman on one of my message boards. It’s her modeling the shrug.

Nice…!!! How brave of you to make a lace shrug. Lucky friend.


wow thats a lot of lace! Its lovely :slight_smile:

It looks great! What a great gift!

:smiley: you are a great friend!!! Lovely shrug :cheering: :cheering:

Thanks everyone! This actually knit up pretty fast. She’s really enjoying it and has all these outfits that she can wear the shrug with.

Cute shrug! That’ll be a nice summer accessory for evenings out. :thumbsup:

That is really nice! What pattern is it?

Here is the pattern link…

I made this with a total of 4 balls of the black solid.

Very nice work and a very lucky friend!

Wowee! It’s beatiful!

That’s great work–and you obviously are hooked like the rest of us here!! :wink:

haha Yah think I fit right in here! :happydance:

Wow that looks lovely!