FO Lace-Edged Hat

I had to knit this today to make sure my pattern wasn’t wonky! Good thing I did, too, because it was wonky. I fixed it, though. :wink:

Knit in Brown Sheep Prairie Silks…Peseta Purple is the color. Fabulous yarn that I bought on impulse in July (and it’s been sitting staring at me from my shelf ever since). I don’t think this yarn shows the lace pattern very well…but it fits my average-sized adult head, so I’m pleased. :smiley:

You knit this today? Boy, you’re quick!!!

It’s really cute, too!! I love the lace edging.

Boy did that come out cute! Great job on it! The color is beautiful!

That’s friggin ADORABLE!!! :mrgreen:

TODAY? You knit this TODAY?

Its lovely!

Dang, fingers you gotta work quick to keep up with these ladies!

Today?! Dang…I just got out of the shower and you’re already finishing hats. I feel like such a slacker… :wink:

The hat is gorgeous, btw.


Love that lace edging. Nice color too. Speedy, aren’t you?! :wink:

:shock: I’m still trying to get my mind to function LOL

Its beautiful great job :thumbsup:

In one day?? It is only 9:30 in the morning here…I am drinking coffee and stalling for time before I see my first students!
Good for you, loving the lace edge. Where is the pattern from?


Today = Thursday

I’m a night owl…lol

Thanks! :smiley:

I love the lace edge…I think it shows up fine!

[size=6][color=violet]IT’S BEAUTIFUL[/color][/size]

Very lovely, and gorgeous yarn!

This is soo pretty!!!

Very pretty!!