FO: Kool-Aid Clogs

FINALLY i finished making my kids felted clogs. This was a lot of “firsts” for me so i’m pretty excited…first time to dye yarn with koolaid, first time to try felting, and my first try at the felted clogs which actually turn out to be WAY easier that i thought :happydance: .

WOW nice job on EVERYTHING :woot: :woohoo:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Those look awesome, I love the color!

What did you use to block them?

Those are awesome. I LOVE them!! I think my kids would like some like that too… :thinking:


Great job! :heart:

can you tell me, basically, how does one felt? (do you put it in the drier and shrink it?)


Gorgeous!!! The colors are amazing! :heart:

Felting is when you run it in the washing machine on the agitation cycle. It helps shrink and tighten everything. There’s quite a bit of info floating around about it. I’ve never done it myself but have seen people post links to information.

Wow… those look GREAT! how much koolaide do you need to die the yarn? how did you do the bottom of the clogS?

I would wear those…hehe

Thanks so much you guys for your kind words :hug:

Here’s a link I read that explains felting :

As for the 2 different colors on the clogs i had dyed 4 different hanks of yarn 4 different colors ( ) and then i knitted it up according to the pattern for 2 different color clogs.
I think it’s 1 packet of unsweetened drink mix for every 1 ounce of yarn. The more drink mix you use the bolder and brighter your color will be. I ended up using 8 packets for each color because i really wanted it to be BRIGHT. I originally used 3 packets for each color but after it dried it look a little dull and washed out so i re-dyed it with more koolaid. I’m happy with the way it all turned out considering it was my first try. :teehee:

Very nice. I have been using a lot of kool aid dying but I never thought to felt with it. I may have to try clogs again, hmmm… :thinking:

Those are beautiful!!! :inlove:

Those came out great! :heart:

Wow!! :cheering:

I love your clogs! They came out beautiful! Could you tell me where you got the pattern for them? Thanks,


I love your clogs! They came out beautiful! Could you tell me where you got the pattern for them? Thanks,


I bought my pattern online at The Knitting Zone:

the first one listed should be the childrens and the second should be the adults. You can also check to see if your LYS sells the pattern. After i already bought the pattern online i found out that my LYS sold the pattern there :wall: I just wasn’t thinking that day :teehee:

those are great!! Love the colors!

Thank you both, for the information. Still a little too chicken to try it yet. May have to work up the courage. The clogs sure are cute, though!

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