FO: Knit Diagonal Square Potholder

[COLOR="#300090"]I’m not working from a pattern, well, not a knitting pattern anyway.

I’ve recently been working on crocheted diagonal potholders like:

[I]And when I learned Judy magic cast on I thought of this…
(Edit to add picture… )[/I]

I started with the magic cast on with two circulars for knitting in the round. The cast on becomes one center diagonal of the potholder. I made mine about 10 inches long, 44 stitches on each side in worsted weight Lily Sugar 'n Cream cotton. It should make about a 7 inch square potholder. I’m not sure how may rows wide my stripes should be for them to be of uniform width. That’s one answer I’ll find out along the way.

I’ll knit for about five inches and then do an invisible bind off from the middle of one side to the middle of the other. That will be the perpendicular diagonal on the opposite side from my start. In theory.

I’ll let you know how it goes. I had to frog back to my first color change after deciding I hadn’t done it right. I’m using what Amy calls the double knit-in join.

Oh, I’ll borrow my DW’s camera and see about posting a picture.

[Edit I put the picture of the finished potholder at the top! :)]

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That sounds interesting. Having a hard time picturing it though. Then again I don’t crochet much so I’m real familiar with it anymore. :teehee:

Did you follow the links? There are in-progress pictures on each page. They look the same if you ignore the stitch appearance.

Have you made a toe up sock, yet?

I really didn’t think I was that visionary in translating the diagonal potholder from crochet to knit.


:doh:Of course I didn’t! I didn’t know they were links, they looked like they were just underlined for some reason. :wink: Now that I see it it does look neat. :thumbsup:

[COLOR="#330090"]Your reply time is faster than my edit and expand time. :oops: [/COLOR]

Very interesting! :thumbsup:

gr8 idea n nice

[COLOR="#300090"]Well, I finally finished this potholder. I had trouble with the Kitchener stitch and l kept having to pick it out and redo it to close up holes. :??

I had to review the KH video to get started on the grafting. Then after a few stitches worked I must have missed a step (or maybe got a twisted stitch.) then after a couple more stitches I’d notice I’d left a large hole (like I repeated step on one needle, skip the other needle’s steps in between). I think it was interruptions. On my final try I pulled my yarn too tight and the graft is tight and puckers a bit.

Is it that all cotton yarn just does not like to slide or might it be just mine (Lily Sugar 'n Cream)? Very :nails: for working and I should have picked it out again an re-stitched it for an even tension.

I don’t have a picture yet because my DW hasn’t let me borrow her digital camera. :nails:

I think I’m glad to be done with it. :wink: [/COLOR]

I finished it!

Here are two pictures (Room light then Flash) with links to my Flikr photostream.


Very cool idea, and it looks great!!

Clever idea!..and your work looks so pretty. Love the colors.

I’m back (after 9 years) and can report that my wife loved this pot holder but kept using it as a dish cloth. :frowning:

After this one stockinette stitch version I did switch to garter stitch for a much thicker and fluffy pot holder.

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I found the links in the original post are broken. Here follows a new search.

Search for Knit Diagonal Potholder

I found this blog post by someone else that exactly follows my process for creating this unique knit project. Hmm.


Here is my ravelry page for this project.

This link is for public viewing of this project

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