Fo: jacques cousteau seaman's hat

The pattern is a FREE Ravelry pattern, called THE JACQUES COUSTEAU HAT. It’s a [B]CLICK HERE[/B] free pattern, however, when I made a copy/paste of the URL…it gives me an internal server error 500. So, if you are a Raveler, you can find the pattern in the hat patterns section, and if not a Raveler, I will be happy to email anyone the hat pattern. As I said, it is a FREE PATTERN. It is knit in the round, casting on 140 for a man’s version, 2x2 ribbing for 8 inches, then beginning the unique decrease process.

The yarn is JO SHARP SILKROAD DK TWEED, leftover yarn from my brother’s bomber jacket. I made this hat for my brother, to complement his bomber jacket.

However, when my DH saw this hat…he said, “I like this hat better than the other ones you’ve made me! Boy, this is so cool!”

So I gave it to him. :wink:

It’s doubtful that my brother would wear a knitted hat anyways.
He has longish curly hair, which he painstakingly primps and styles…and I’ve never seen him wearing anything but a baseball cap on a bad hair day prolly. :teehee:

it’s gorgeous! It’s just so very masculine looking----

now, as a beginner…how hard is it? <grin>


That’s a great hat! Is it for DH?

I fixed the link… scroll down for english.

VERY EASY. However, it requires 16" circs for the cast on and the first 10" or so…and finally, after the stitches are decreased to the point that you can’t knit in-the-round any further, you must have a set of at least 4 dpn’s to finish off the top of the hat. It’s not hard, but you have to be able to master knitting from one dpn to another, juggling your stitches on 4 dpn’s. I am clumsy at it, but I get it done!

I think Amy must have an excellent video clip for it here under ADVANCED TECHNIQUES or TIPS for knitting in the round on circs and/or dpn’s. The sooner you learn it, the better. Just like mattress seaming. Ya just gotta bite the bullet and learn it!

No, it was for my brother, but my DH glommed onto it first! I have a soft spot for DH :eyebrow:…and I think he’s just a tad ‘covetous’ of the bomber jacket I am finishing up for my brother! :teehee: So I gave him the matching hat…and he took it in a SNAP! Not even so much as a slightest protest! :wink:

AND THANKS so much for fixing the link, Jan!!!

My guys don’t wear caps, but if they would, I’d make it. Great looking cap.

Probably pretty wise to let you sweetie have the hat, but I’ve gotta ask, haven’t you ever knitted him a sweater?

Love the hat! I think I’ll try this for the guys in my family for Christmas.

Yes! I knit him a jacket back in 2006 for our Alaskan Cruise…a May trip, so Alaska had snow and icebergs for us!

He has worn it about 3 times total. He is a ‘hot’ body…hardly ever wears a coat…and never a sweater. He just says don’t waste my time on knitting him anything.

It was called BASKETCASE…pattern taken from a book called “Knit a Sweater He Will Wear”. I involved him (per the author’s advice) in the selection of the pattern, the yarn, the color, the buttons, and the fit. I used 5 strands of CASCADE 220 WOOL to get the gauge required. This jacket is THICK and warm. Well it worked nicely for Alaska, and one time at home, in an ice storm and power outage, we walked down to the Panera Bakery for coffee (they had lights and hot coffee and Pastries!). And he hasn’t worn it since. He likes it…he’s just never cold enough to wear it. Or, the cold weather he’s in doesn’t call for a jacket that is so nice. What can I say. He’s an ‘easy keeper’. So I just knit for myself and others. Not him. :eyebrow:


I love your hat. I don’t think my DH would ever wear a hat but I think I will make him one anyway, I may just wear it for him. then maybe matching hats for FIL and my brother.

Also very nice job on your DH coat, shame he doesn’t wear it.

I love that hat! I’m sure my husband would wear it – I’m gonna make him one for the 3 days of real winter we have here in Texas.

Very nice!:cheering:

I love the hat and the sweater too. I am glad that DH got the hat, you know he has been so jealous of that jacket you’ve been knitting. :wink:
I had a similar DH seater experience. The second thing I ever knit was a sweater for him and it took me months and months. He wore it once and messed up the high collar with his scruffy neck and chin (note to all knitters, no high collars for scruffy men) so I tried to “fix” it and it didn’t look very nice. He maybe wore it once more but he had to admit that he just doesn’t wear sweaters so I think it is in a pile in the garage with spiders probably living in it. So no more sweaters for my DH either. LOL

A [I]Finnish[/I] pattern for the hat of a [I]French[/I] explorer using a yarn called “Novita [I]Tennessee[/I]”, commented upon by a knitter in the [I]UK[/I]! Ya gotta love KH! Thanks, folks!

That is an awesome hat!

Wow, I really like that hat! I’m going to have to make one for myself.

It’s great!! I love the yarn with that pattern.

Oooh, I like the hat. I am making my Dad a scarf and I think I’ll make that to go along with it. Very masculine. :slight_smile:

Uh oh. Jealous hubby again? LOL

Bomber jacket? Oooh. Please post pics when done. What pattern?

I designed it myself. It started out as a VOGUE pattern (a gentleman’s shawl collar mohair cardigan) but that all changed. The only thing I loosely used from the VOGUE pattern is the schematics, and even those changed when my dear brother announced that he likes his jackets and sweaters to be no more than 25". Gah! The original VOGUE cardigan was 30". And, Rick doesn’t like fuzzy yarns…he wanted a charcoal tweed. So now back to the drawing board. That one change in length impacted the pocket design, the lapels, the neckline graduation and the collar. I ended up making adjustments towards the bomber jacket (flight jacket) style. But the pattern for everything is all mine. You should see my notebook. What a mess. If I attempted to knit this thing 6 months from now…I could hardly decipher my notes! I bet I’d have to start from scratch again! It’s a nightmare of pattern changes and re-dos that should be on the SCI-FI channel at 3am!

The jacket is 95% done. I have to clip the sleeves into the armholes (prior to seaming)…and I’ll have my DH try it on. I want to make sure the sleeves are not too roomy in the biceps area. If they are, I will mattress seam inside the edges about 1/2" to 1" from the edge instead of just inside the edge. This will ease away the sleeves extra width. Then all I’ll have to do on the inside is cut away the extra fabric. Like you cut steeks. The edges roll to the inside, and you whipstitch them down a bit. Knitting doesn’t ravel sideways, so this will not create a “run” into the sleeve.

Once that’s done, all that’s left is seaming up the sides and sleeves! Everything else is done, including buttons! (I bought black leather buttons! Wow, they are handsome!)