FO: Jacques Cousteau Cap

This is for an oboe buddy who lives where it is cold. I used THIS pattern, Sirdar Country DK yarn leftover from Jim’s Cobblestone Sweater and #4 Options and dpns. It was a quick knit tho I had to frog and reknit in the smaller size.

Here 'tis:

That’s awesome. It looks really cozy, and I’m sure your friend will love it. Thanks for linking the pattern too.


PS Maybe you could knit him an oboe cosy…the poor oboe is probably cold too. :wink:

I love it! I am bookmarking that pattern.

Very nice. I will have to try that one too. Thanks!!

Looks great ! I am sure your friend will be nice and warm in it :slight_smile:

Very nice…(I love doin hats:knitting:)

It turned out wonderful!!!

Your hat turned out Great! The yarn and colour choice works very well with the ribbing!

:happydance: Great job!

Thank you everyone :slight_smile: I actually did sew myself an oboe cozy for when it is drafty on stage. Maybe he needs one too.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]That’s a beautiful hat… your friend will love it!.. warm and cosy and a beautiful colour!