FO: Irish Hiking Scarf with Knitpicks Andean Silk

Here is my link to my finished scarf on ravelry.

ETA Photo. Hope this works.

It’s gorgeous - I love the green - aren’t cables fun !

It was a lot of fun to see the cables come alive. But, I think my attention span doesn’t work well with scarves.

I love the color!!

Absolutely beautiful. What do you think of the Andean Silk?

I love the Andean Silk. It isn’t quite as soft as I expected when I first started knitting it, but once the scarf started to grow I fell in love with it.

The cables look really nice! The color is great too.

Beautiful! I love the color. I knit this for my MIL for Xmas and she loved it too!

That is beautiful! That color is perfect for that scarf and you did a great job. I’ve been thinking of picking up some of that yarn as well.

That is really beautiful, love the color. I’ve often wondered about that yarn, but boy, did it turn out nice.

Off to shop, thanks!

Looks lovely and soft :slight_smile:

It turned out beautiful!!! I’ll have to try some of that yarn! Love the color!

This is beautiful! I love how the shine of the yarn dances around the cables!

I :heart: green! I also made a green irish hiking scarf. Looks fantastic:inlove:

Very nice and such a pretty colour.

:yay: it looks great!

Very pretty, I love the color you used! :slight_smile:


The scarf turned out lovely! I love the cables. how many skeins did you wind up using of the Andean Silk?

NM - answered my question by looking at your Ravelry link. Dur!! :doh: