FO: Irish Hiking purse

So I was working on the scarf when I realize the next day was my cousin’s birthday lunch with the ‘girls’ I hadn’t even knit her anything yet…and I KNEW I wouldn’t be able to finish the scarf before lunch. So I turned it into a purse.

She’s going to pick out a big bead or something and I’m going to make a join in the middle for it.

She LOVED it!! I love knitting for her because she is so sweet and actually uses the things I make :slight_smile:

:cheering: I love it :cheering:

Great idea! :cheering:

The yarn reminds me of lemon chiffon…yummy!

I was thinking of doing the same with a similar scarf! I love yours! That color is divine!

must resist temptation

I just cast on for the Irish Hiking Scarf tonight. Fabulous idea but I’m determined to keep this a scarf. I’m cheating, though, and doing it on size 10 needles. (I love my Denise needles!) So far so good! It’s such a soothing pattern!

Pretty and such a cool idea!!

Very clever! The purse is adorable.

Now that’s what I call being resourceful! Great idea! :thumbsup:

Great idea! She’ll be able to get year-round use out of it too, so it’s probably more practicle than a scarf in the long run.

Umm…I was in the middle of my scarf and the yarn ran out, so I had to join another complimentary color! But seeing this makes me want to frog it down to purse size and make one of these - LOVE it! :heart:

Can’t beat that KH’er creativity in a pinch! :cheering: