FO-I'm just glad it's done Aspen Top Down Sweater

This is the Aspen Top-Down Sweater by Veronik Avery from the book Knitting Classic Style: 35 Modern Designs Inspired by Fashion’s Archives. I knit it with Debbie Bliss Chunky Cashmerino.

It has been nothing but problems for me from the beginning. It was not a hard knit but whatever could go wrong did. I felt like a first time knitter knitting this. This actually tried my patience and I finished it out of pure perseverance. I figured it would look good on me and I was tired of ripping out the yarn and I couldn’t figure out what else to use the yarn for. I have never dropped stitches as much as I did for this project. I have no idea why. the count is off for the small to divide the body up. I know it is even though there is no errata for it. because I counted 4 times and I was still off. so of course I had to rip it out again and figure it out. oh and train ride and sleeves on double points don’t recommend.

anyways here it is and i’m not that happy with the result. I don’t think i fixed all the dropped stitches that great because of course they were all knit through the back. or I dropped the cabling.

I think it looks great! :yay:

Sounds like a real nightmare, but it looks great! I’m glad you persevered and finished it. Hope you enjoy wearing it.

Very pretty color and it looks great on you! We would never have known you had such trouble if you had not told us.


PS: Do you like the book? I was looking at the cover and thinking it might be a future splurge. Is there a lot of one piece technique garments? (I hate seaming.)


I agree it looks great. I don’t see the spots you do…

And the color is lovely! Good for you for sticking it out and finishing it. Wear it proudly!

It looks great. I love the color and the cables.

It looks great on you. Maybe after you set it aside for a little while and then start wearing it you will feel differently? I have done this with sewing when I sweated bullets with a garment, thinking how much I disliked it, but because of money involved in the fabric, etc., I would also persevere. Then, after the problems were a thing of the past it would be okay with me. Hope the same for you, because you look great in it and it fits beautifully. :thumbsup:

A ‘10’ on the sweater
A ‘10’ on the way it looks on you
A ‘10’ for soldiering through and getting it done!

Many of us would have frogged the whole thing and never learned from it.

Bambi I do like the book. There are several more patterns that I want to do. I will have to reread the patterns to see which others are seamless so I will get back to you on that one.

i do love the yarn and the color of the yarn. it feels fabulous against the skin.

I think the fit came out good. I just don’t like that I can see som holes. I sure I’m the only one who can see them because I was the one that dropped the stitches.

Thanks for all the nice comments. Its making me feel better about the project.

It does look great and love the cabling~ You did a nice job despite the pain!!! Great color, too!

I think it turned out great!

Now that’s darn adorable! What a cute figure, too!!!

Turned out very nicely Scout. We can’t see any holes and probably no one will notice any such thing when you wear it. We always worry about every little thing, but how many people really look at details of another persons clothes? Only another knitter would dream of it. If in doubt keep it away from them. LOL The fit is nice and it looks great on you.

and looks fab on you…love the color…gee as a beginner,as referenced to…i would have drop kicked it into the closet…but you didn’t!:woot: right there,shows the winner side of you…hope you can enjoy it without thinking about any bloody errors…hey,it adds some charater! enjoy!:yay:

I agree - I think it looks fabulous!! Noone but you will know those little imperfections are there so wear it proudly!!

Looks great to me :thumbsup:

It looks great and if there are small imperfections no one will notice but you so let it go and enjoy wearing it. I can almost guarantee you’ll get nothing but compliments on it when you do.

I agree with everyone else, it looks great on you. Actually, mistakes and all (which only you can see) I think it looks better on you than the one in the book looks on the model - like it was made for you!

From the pic i would say that i cannot see any mistakes . I think it looks brilliant and look really nice on you.
Sorry you had such a hard time with this project but i am sure most of us can say that we all have come across a project that does not go to plan .

Good job an well done for finishing it . :slight_smile: