FO: Hubby's Valentine's Day Socks

I FINALLY finished up these socks yesterday (see my whining post in General), and gave them to my husband early. He loves them :slight_smile: Why’d they have to take so long, though? :teehee:

They look awesome!

They look wonderful!

They take so long because guys have big feet. Maybe knitters should only marry guys with small feet. I can see it now…

“It’s nice to meet you, what size shoe do you wear?”…


“I’m sorry this relationship will never work.”

The only blessing is that, for their length, his feet are VERY narrow. They’re the same width as mine (mine are wide for their length :teehee:), so I can actually use the same amount of stitches per row in his socks as I do in mine. Makes things easier to remember :slight_smile:

Nice fit and great stripey yarn (only I was expecting red and white with hearts, LOL). A lot of work there. I’m glad he is happy with them, that makes it worthwhile. :muah: appropriate icon for Valentine’s Day

I was completely NOT expecting the striping that happened with this yarn. It’s Julia’s Yarn Salvia and based on all the pics I’ve seen of projects done with it one Ravelry… this colorway is the only one that stripes like that. Go figure!

Very nice !!!

Congrats! They look great!!

They look great!

They look great, good job.

:yay:They look great!!

They look great, although I think you should have made them with a bit longer leg.

[I](Newb ducks out of the way to avoid Lady’s fist)

(…then Newb hopes that Lady realizes I’m just kidding…)[/I]

They really do look wonderful.

Those are really nice - I love the color and the stripes.

Very sweet to make them for him, you did a good job

Awesome! Cool! You’re the Queen of Socks! :thumbsup:

Nice socks, and what a great gift! Lucky hubby!

What a great and memorable gift!!
Beautiful pair of socks!!:cheering:Great work!!:cheering:

I love the colour! Nice Job! and seriously… party! New project… way to big socks are done! Yay! lol! :o)