FO House socks and WIP cabled socks

Sherrie’s house socks!
Pattern is Philosopher’s House Socks in Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways for Sock Knitters Book One.
Yarn is Andean Silk by Knit Picks. It’s worsted weight alpaca, silk and wool.

And my progress on the Bayerische socks:

Very pretty! Is Sherrie your daughter? Are the Bayeriche for you?

Those both look so beautiful! Great job!
It looks to me like little Sherrie is into ballet…is that third (or fourth) position? :wink:

Wow, the house socks look so comfy. :slight_smile: Those bayerische are amazing! Great work!

They both look terrific! I think after the holidays I will take the plunge and learn to make socks - I get so jealous seeing them all posted here!!

Sherrie is my good friend, and that is me modeling the socks (they’re loose on me, but I have tiny feet) I didn’t even think of the foot pose being 4th position, but yes, I did take ballet (years ago!) but really I just wanted to show off two sides of the socks.

Yes, the cabled socks are for ME!

:happydance: They look great!! Very pretty

Beautiful! I love the philosopher’s socks–that looks like a really interesting pattern. The cabled ones are lovely too. Great job! :thumbsup:

I love those house socks! What a lovely gift! And the Bayerische are going to be beautiful.

The house socks look so warm and snuggly! The Bayerische are going to be so pretty and i love the color you chose :thumbsup:

They both look great! And the Bayerische socks are just beautiful :heart: