FO - House shoes aka fuzzy feet!

Made from Lion’s Wool in Dark Teal from the knitty pattern :

A pretty easy knit! :aww:

Pretty cool! I like them and I like the color too.

Thank you! I think they’ll be warm!

Really nice idea. Better than slippers because they keep your ankles warm too! Great work!!! Love the colour.

Nice! I like warm ankles, too!:thumbsup:

Very nice! That’s one of my favorite colors.

I’m fond of warm ankles as well… (big smile)

And teal!

those are cool!

Love those, Knit2! Great job and cozy! :yay: :yay: :yay:

Love 'em!! I just felted a pair last night and they fit perfectly. Do you plan to put soles or anything on the bottom? I bought some of the bumpy white sheets like you find on footed pajamas and plan to sew some on the soles, but haven’t gotten there yet. Mine aren’t quite dry. I’m starting a second pair for my dh today.

I didn’t get anything for the soles. Where did you find the white bumps, if I might ask?

Oh, those look so warm and cozy!

those look great! i will have to knit up some of those!

Yummy color…looks great! :muah:

I’ve made lots of these…Christmas presents two years ago! I just made a pair for myself too. I didn’t put anything on the soles, but I did knit them two-stranded. I’m sure I’ll wear them out eventually, but then I’ll make another pair!!

Ah- You are right, those are very warm and fuzzy!

Babs- I already have relatives hinting or right out asking! Glad I got mine done first! :teehee:

Sorry for the delay in responding, but I was on vacation. This is the site for the bumpy stuff:

Thank you, losnana. I hope your vacation was nice!

:happydance: They look great!!

Knit2btied, or anyone else, wonder how many sts I’d need for some very small ones for the granddarling? She’s two+ and has a 6" foot. 28 or 32 maybe? I know I’m lazy and could just experiment but hoping someone’s done this already… I see how to do the length. Mary