FO: Hockey Chicken

NHL Lockout notwithstanding, there are still hockey fans. One of those is my almost-3 year old grandson (and his dad, and his grandpa, and…)

This is based on the same Susan B. Anderson pattern as the UK Chicken and as I said in that post, it makes a great learning aid. This time around I was trying out intarsia, and learning that intarsia is [B][I]hard[/I][/B]. That also meant learning how to seam two edges in a way that was mostly invisible. There was even a (mostly successful) felting experiment in the mix too.

The needles were the same as the UK Chicken, but the yarn this time was Jojoland Baritone that I got on closeout for around $2 a ball. Not bad for what I paid for it, but when I first opened the bag I thought they’d sent me the sheep instead. Phew! Not sure if it was the wool or the dye or something else, but it pretty well [I]reeked[/I]. Fortunately it didn’t persist, but it [I]did[/I] make my dog go a little nuts for a while.

I also learned a little about charting, even though the band around the bottom isn’t actual Fair Isle (Fair Isle and any other technique that involves extensive use of the left hand is… problematic for me). The “wings” were the intarsia part, starting at 4 stitches of red bordered in black that shifted one stitch to the rear on the leading edge and 2 stitches on the trailing edge, with an additional 2 stitches added on the trailing edge about every 5th round to give it some stagger.

The seam was interesting because I neglected to allow for selvedge. But never fear. When you don’t know what you can’t do, you can accomplish all kinds of stuff. so what I did was cram a size 4 DPN in each edge for an equal number of stitches and do a fake Kitchener stitch to close it up. (Yeah, there are probably a lot of better ways to do this, but I don’t know any of 'em. :wink:) It probably didn’t matter anyway, since most of the seam was covered by the wattle.

The helmet was completely ad lib. Basically it’s like any other top-down hat… for someone with a head the size of a ping pong ball. To felt it, I just filled a sink with hot water and scrubbed it around to agitate the fibers. A couple of things went wrong here. First, this was knit probably way too tightly for felting purposes. Second, the yarn is white which often doesn’t felt very well because of the bleaching process they use when they make it (something about the bleach affecting the cuticle in the hair or something). Third, I’d already added the red comb to it before I felted it, so the red started to bleed. So it might have worked better if I hadn’t stopped in order to avoid having a pink helmet. Then I blocked it on (wait for it) a ping pong ball, holding it in place with a rubber band. So there were a lot of things I’d do differently if I were going to do it again. All of the above, plus I wouldn’t have tried to add the accent stripe when I sewed it on. (And apparently my threshold for when to stop stuffing chickens is modeled on the gavage method used to make [I]foie gras[/I]. I probably overstuffed it by at least a third.)

For all that, I thought it was [I]hilarious[/I]. Which was kinda the point. I figure the three-year-old will like it. (Either that or he’ll give it to the dog. Or the cats.)

:lol: Love your helmet. Your text about it was fun to read. It sounds like you got to try a lot of different techniques and have a lot of fun. I’m sure the 3 year old will love it. Or the dog or cats. :lol: PS its great!

When you don’t know what you can’t do, you can accomplish all kinds of stuff.

Ain’t that the truth!

Love your chickens. This one has me :roflhard: …that’s a compliment BTW. Something about chicken hockey players. I do have a warped sense of humor.

Yeah, it’s a learning experience for sure. I had far better results felting the Hurricanes “special forces” beret I made for his dad. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of it before I wrapped it up for Christmas. But I’ll be sure to remedy that when he opens it.

Oh it was supposed to be funny, so if you’re rofl-ing, I figure I did my job. Never did figure out a way to give him a stick…


The reaction I’m anxious to see is his dad’s. THAT will be worth the price of admission I think.

Hat is awesomely cute!!

Ok, your chicken gave me a good laugh. It is so cute and I am sure the male members who love football love it too. Great job!

The chicken is fabulous and it was all that I hoped! We’re all learning new things as we go. Thanks so much for posting the photo. Well done!

Well… you did ask. :wink: People have done some pretty amazing things (that I’m not NEARLY ready to attempt) with this pattern. There was one Fair Isle model that… beggars the imagination.

After I got finished :roflhard: I kept thinking about this fowl image. Did it take you long to pluck up the nerve to post it? :teehee: Someone’s gonna cry fowl over it. Maybe it should be in a penalty box for fowl play.

I want to see a Fowl Ball baseball chicken.

Is it possible to link to the Fair Isle Fowl?

Well if I can ever get a decent photo of her, I’ll post “Bantamime, The French Hen”, which was a completely different (original) design. she doesn’t play baseball though… as far as I know.

I found the Fair Isle chicken when I was looking for something else, and it’s been a while back. But if you just Google “knitted chickens” it should show up in your results. If I can find it again I’ll be sure to link to it.

OK I saw some Fair Isle chickens but really kind of like this one even though it’s not fair at all maybe.

Oh my. Now [I]that’s[/I] clever…

This is the one I was thinking of:

A blue ribbon chicken. I saw that one or one very much like it but not with a blue ribbon. Did you see this thread? Chickens may seem a bit odd but that’s just bizarre. I’m thinking I might try a chicken…someday. Do you intend to do more?

I did see the Sasquatch Man Cozy… jeez! That’s a lot of stash.

I’ve already done another chicken, but it was my own design and looked nothing like these two. As soon as I can get a decent photo of it I’ll post it. As for future knit poultry, who can say? They’re definitely a niche item. A friend at work who knits and crochets says I should mount an exhibit. I’m not sure how much interest there would be for a knit chicken show. But then again, I wouldn’t have thought this would work either:

We HAD to go see this show. I mean, c’mon… a [I]tractor cozy[/I]?? Never mind that, a [I]building cozy[/I]! Once you know about that you HAVE to see it. It’s a rule. Fortunately the gallery is only a mile or so from where I work.


This is so adorable! Great work, too! Love the helmet!

The Hockey Chicken was a rousing success, though I think my son was more taken with it than my grandson (who was enthralled by the Play-Do Pizza Oven he’d just gotten). And I got a message from them last night that he now has an official name (the chicken, not my grandson): Sir Stanley Cluck.

Somehow I think my DIL was behind that one. I can see her dubbing the chicken with one of my son’s autographed hockey sticks or something. Must’ve been quite the scene.

Or maybe not.