Fo - hhhh

HHHH - Handdyed Handspun Handknit Hat! :smiley:

I love knitting hats -they’re so easy to finish that I usually don’t bother putting them on my knitting tracker. Too bad it’s too hot right now to wear this. I knit this hat using my “Sorbet” handspun merino yarn.

Very pretty! :smiley:

Love it! :slight_smile:

Very pretty! :thumbsup:

Beautiful hat - I Love the colors!!

Love it!! :heart: :heart:

Lovely…I love hats :wink:

What an adorable hat! I :heart: the color.

Those colors are gorgeous :inlove:

Oh it’s beautiful–the style, the color, everything!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

I really like this. It’s pefect. :smiley:

Thats a cute hat! Love the color and your stitches look perfect. Great job!!! :smiley:

excellent hat! :slight_smile:

Great job - that colorway is beautiful!

:inlove: gorgeous!!! great job!!! :inlove:

You’re all too kind~ Thank you for the lovely compliments! :smiley:

I’m hooked on using handspun…I just wish I had more time to spin all the yarn I use!

Cindy, did you spin and dye the yarn? The colors are beautiful and what a cute hat … maybe you should visit Iceland next week so you can wear it!!

Lol, Debbie. Yes I did dye and spin the yarn myself. I think if I were to go to Iceland, I would need to knit up a winter coat, scarf and mittens too! :lol:

fabbo job! hand spun and hand knit? yummy!

Ok, ok, I have to learn to spin! I love the colors!

Great job!