FO: Hey, Teach!

I’ve been knitting for only 4 months at this point. However, I’ve had nothing but time on my hands so I’ve been progressing at breakneck speed. (Or so I’ve been told. Because I have so much time, I’m just tackling every challenge I come across instead of cowering in the corner, which is my normal reaction in all other situations. Change & new things are scary!) So I quickly moved from scarves to hats to… well, I knit one sweater vest in the round and I just finished my first piece with sleeves: Hey, Teach!


This was my first time seaming sides, creating buttonholes, sewing on buttons, and seaming sleeves. Aside from picking up too few stitches for the button & buttonhole bands, I think it turned out really, really well! (However, even this minor infraction is somewhat of a boon: this way, the front panels look like they have some shape to 'em!) I also didn’t knit a swatch or check my gauge (I just eyeballed it) so the piece came out slightly smaller than the size I had knitted (small, 35.5" bust) but it’s more fitted this way, which I think is more flattering.

This sweater was a gift for my boyfriend’s mother’s birthday. She didn’t seem incredibly impressed by it… but I’m dang proud of it! :slight_smile:

Next up: striped long-sleeve cardigan for the boyfriend. (He picked out the pattern and the yarn… so if he doesn’t like it, it’s all his fault ;))

…Maybe one day I’ll knit something for [I]me[/I].

Wow, you do beautiful work! If she doesn’t like it take it back! :zombie: :teehee:

It looks great, I agree with Jan, take it back if she doesn’t wear it.

Wow … Wow … no really, Wow!! Beautiful job!! Thanks, it’s now in my faves. :slight_smile:

Four months? You’ve been knitting for only four months?

It’s simply gorgeous and amazing! I seriously thought those pictures were from a knitting publication. I love the color and the pattern. You should be so proud of your gift. I would be overjoyed to receive something so awesome.

You did an amazing job! I have this pattern saved as well … I’ll eventually get to starting it :teehee:

I’d be thrilled to have received such a thoughtful gift, but I’ve come to realize that not everyone is as appreciative of my handmade gifts … I’ve stopped knitting for those who don’t appreciate or use the items I make!

Wow that’s amazing! I’ve just finished knitting this cardigan too and it was a bit of a disappointment. I knitted it and had the opposite “problem” to you. It was FAR too big. It’s like two to three sizes too big for me. Instead of being a nice fitted cardigan it looks like I draped a floppy towel over me or something. I just love yours! And you’ve only been knitting for such a short time. That is an awesome accomplishment! I can’t wait to see more of the pieces you knit! :thumbsup:

I think we could all say: YOU ARE A NATURAL!

Your knitting is impeccable! This is a great cardigan, and you should be very very proud! I’m safely assuming the ‘model’ isn’t your boyfriend’s mother! It’s you, right? Adorable!

Great work! I look forward to seeing more of your work!

ArtLady beat me to the punch. You truly are a natural at this knitting business!

That is AMAZING!!! I can’t wait to see the socks you eventually make, since you’re into challenging yourself!!! :wink:

Oh, and if your mil changes her mind about keeping the cardigan, feel free to send it my way!!!


Oh, yeah! That’s me modeling the cardigan. I figured that, once it was given away, I’d never be able to take photos of it… so I snapped some right before I gave it away.

Also? [B]Thank you![/B] For everything you said :slight_smile:

I’ve already told myself that I’m going to be a sweater knitter and not a sock knitter. I don’t get the big deal about hand-knit socks… but maybe that’s because I wear socks like I wear underwear: strictly for coverage, not for fashion? Handmade socks wouldn’t stand up to the wear I’d inflict on them :wink: (I wear socks [B]all the time[/B]. And I wear them [I]everywhere[/I].)

But! My boyfriend wants a pair of hand-knit socks… so I [I]will[/I] take on the challenge one day :smiley:

And, pfft, if my boyfriend’s mother doesn’t wear the cardigan, I get first dibs on it :wink:

(Thank you for all your kind words!)

Beautiful sweater. And to imagine you have only been knitting 4 months. Very impressive.

Totally in agreement with Artlady and Auburnchick -you truely are a natural!! That is just gorgeous!

YOu should be proud! Your work is awesome, love the soft color and the fit is perfect. great job!!

GORGEOUS! I must echo the others… only four months?! That’s incredible work!

this is a gorgeous sweater. it also give me hope since you’ve only been knitting 4 months that my work could someday eventually look like that. i was initially wary of maybe moving to sweaters and this pattern changes that. i also saw the sweater vest you made which is gorgeous as well