FO: hats

Hats that I finished this weekend.

Fuzzy Hat:
Yarn – 70% Mohair/30% Acrylic I forget the brand
Pattern: based on the corrugated hat in Teva Durham’s Loop-D-Loop book
Lilac fleece lining because it’s otherwise pretty itchy.

Nordic Helmet:
That’s what I am calling this one. Originally intended for my dad, but I am not sure it is going to look very good on him.
Yarn – Natural Fantasy 100% Baby Camel double stranded. Stripes and crochet edge done in KP merino sock yarn double stranded.
Pattern: my own

I love the thinness of this hat and I may just have to keep it for myself. I might add some ties to hold the sides down better.


Ooooh, what is camel like to work with? I don’t even want to think about what it takes to get fiber off a camel! :shock:

It is soft soft soft. Each colorway that i used was two strands loosley plied to make a fingering weight. I used it doubled on #6 needles. Did I mention that it was soft? I only had two skeins of this stuff that I bought on ebay. I was saving it for something special.


Very nice!! :cheering:

ohmigosh! those are adorable.

I love that helmet hat. Where’d you get the pattern?

Thanks for the compliments. I made up the helmet hat as a went along. So, I can tell you how to do it, but I would hardly call it a pattern. It really was not hard, and if I can do it, anyone can! Feel free to ask questions if this does not make sense.

Measure your head, subtract 1". This is how long the head/ear band portion of the hat will be.

All in stockinette. I counted rows not inches, so that I have a more accurate measure.

I started with a provisional CO at the center back of the hat. The number of CO stitches will relate to the weight of your yarn. You will be working from the center back toward the “ear portion” of the band. Increase one stitch on knit rows until you have it at a width that will cover your ears. Knit these stitches (working toward your forhead) until the band willl comfortably cover your ears. Then one stitch on each knit row until you are back to the number of CO stitches. Knit these till you reach the center. From here you just reverse the shaping for the other “half” of your head.

I used the kitchner stitch to graft the ends together in the back. You could also do a 3-needle bind off if you don’t mind the seam.

Once you have the headband done, try it on to make sure it fits. Then pick up stitches at the top edge of the headband. You are now knitting the top portion. I used stockinette with a couple of stripes of purl stitches in a second color. I used raglan decreases on the top of the hat.

It is really pretty easy. Please let me know if you need clarification.