FO Hat and Mitts for twin babies

I made these for my friends twin grandsons. I made the smaller hat in the picture and 2 sets of mittens for each baby

The mittens are very handsome, did you use sock or dk weight yarn.

Those are lovely!!! similar in construction yet different enough for each twin. (I’m a twin so i appreciate those things. :slight_smile: )

oh I love those! Very sweet of you!

What a nice gift! They can be ‘twins’ or not! how cool…

Mystery_Gyrl, I used a double knit variegated yarn. They looked different as I started at different color parts of the yarn. It was great to work with and I wish I had bought other colors.


:yay: to cute!! They look great :thumbsup:

AWwwww so cute ! they will keep the little babies lovely and warm :slight_smile:

ooh! i like them!

they all look great!!

Ooooo, I love your mittens. They look so masculine. Mom and dad are going to appreciate these. Nice hat too. :muah:

I really like those! Nice job! :thumbsup:

Very nice and masculine!

The hats and mitts are so cute; look very warm and cozy! :inlove:

I just love the colors you selected! So “un-babyish”! Wonderful work! Thanks for sharing!!