FO: Harry Potter PoA Gryffindor Scarf --> I'M DONE!

I’m off to a pretty good start …

After I took the photo, I totally did a Homer Simpson :doh: I was so into the movie I was watching, that I switched the MC and CC stripe pattern - instead of 3 CC, 5MC, 3 CC, I did 5CC, 3 MC, 5 MC. :wall: I’ll probably regret this in the end, but will not frog it, but keep going. I think I’ll do 12 more with the correct pattern, then end with the botched one, so at least the ends of the scarf will match! :teehee:

You are off to a really good start - can’t wait to see it finished (I’m sure you can’t wait to finish it!)

Great job.

looking good! what yarn are you using?

Looks great! I can’t wait to start a Harry Potter scarf (yeah, I’m a little late, but…)

I’m confused - it looks like its on circular needles - is it a scarf?

I think as long as you do the other side just like that - its going to look fine!

I’m not positive but I think all of the Harry Potter scarves are tubular.

Looks great.

Thanks Lady Voilet! I’m using Lion Wool-ease in cranberry and umm, I can’t remember what the gold is called, but it’s also Lion Wool-ease. :slight_smile:

Thanks ContiKnitter! It’s never too late! :teehee: I can’t wait to see what knitted items are in the next movie!

Hi becjo, yes it’s a scarf, and is knitted on circular needles (it hides the yarn changes, and make is double-y snuggly and warm! You can check out the pattern here. I’ve also completed the CoS scarf, you can see it here.

Thanks Knitting Guy!

I like being off from work … I get a lot of knitting done! :teehee:

wOw!!! impressive progress!!! :notworthy:
don’t you just love nice cheap yarn that comes in the perfect colors? and the yarn itself doesn’t look half bad either. i’m mixing the black wool-ease with the lemon jiffy for a hufflepuff hat. haven’t gotten to the black yet, but i’m thinking it will actually be a little friendlier to knit with than the jiffy. it’s not quite as fuzzy.
isn’t it amazing how “mistakes” can turn out to be really neat details that no one will notice unless they’re actually paying attention? your scarf will be unique. and it looks pretty dang amazing, too! :happydancing:

I’m halfway done!! :woot:

It’s looking so great. xxx

[I]“Just keep knitting, just keep knitting, do doo dee doo doo dee doo doo doo …”[/I] My version of Dory’s “Just Keep Swimming” song from Finding Nemo! :teehee:

I am bound and determined to finish my PoA Gryffindor scarf this weekend … I have just 5 more sections to go!!

I promised my girl it would be ready for the movie premiere (12:01 am Wednesday, so it’s technically Tuesday night). I have a wedding this evening, but other than that, I’m going to knit knit knit! The Pizza Hut man is going to be our best friend this weekend :teehee:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

that is looking GREAT!!! :thumbsup: you’ll have no problem getting it done. a little pizza’s good for you every now and then. :teehee: i’m not doing anymore knitting for the movie. i still have to finish reading the books! it’s starting to look daunting. :shock: i wonder if i could possibly finish in time to go to a midnight premiere. :think:

It’s looking so awesome!!!

Okay ladies…help! How do I put the HP KAL pic/link thing in my signature??? :think::think::think:

Thanks!! :wink:

Okay, to put the HP KAL pic/link …

  1. Right-click the KAL button/pic and save it to your hard drive.
  2. Click the “User CP” link in the upper left portion of the forum.
  3. Click the “Edit Signature” link in the left menu bar.
  4. You can enter whatever you like in the first portion of the signature page (like what you’re currently knitting, any FO’s, a quote, etc).
  5. Scroll down towards the bottom of the signature page, where is says “Signature Picture”. Click the browse button for “Option 2” to upload the pic from your hard drive.
  6. Click “Save Signature”.
  7. Once it’s saved, you’ll see the code “sigpic” and “/sigpic” at the bottom of your signature box. Highlight the code, then click the “insert link” button in the format bar. A popup window will open, then enter the link to the KAL forum in the window, click OK, click save signature, and you’re done.

Let me know if I’ve totally confused you! :teehee:

I’M DONE!! :woohoo:

My boy mimicking Ron’s “Piss Off” face from GoF. :teehee:

I am SO happy that this scarf is done … and just in time for the midnight showing of OotP!! We’re leaving in 16 minutes!! :woohoo:

i’m telling ya, the end bars MAKE it! :inlove:
tell your son he could definitely give ron a run for his money. :wink:

We just came back from the OotP midnight movie and I have just two words …