FO: handbag from the Japanese site

This is the same bag pattern as the one Riss used for her bag. I used a size 3 crochet cotton so mine ended up somewhat smaller.

I had to have a little translation help from my mom to explain the handle attachment directions, and they were confusing even to her! So I kind of winged it the best I could. :slight_smile:

Now I have a handy dandy yarn wrist tote.


Very Pretty! :cheering:

That is really pretty. I like the color.

I really like the bag especially that it can be used to hold a yarn or thread.:cheering:

Can you give the website??? I love it!

very cute!! and so useful! I like the yarn.

Sure thing, Buckster - This is the site that mathwizard posted in the “language barrier” thread:

In the “Bag” section, it’s the first one in the second row. There are three links next to the photo, and the pdf chart is the third link.

Just lovely and the colour is perfect :slight_smile:


it’s great! how do you translate the pattern?

Yeah, that’s my question!

I was able to get this far, but my computer will not translate it…maybe you can view it?!

My computer doesn’t translate it either. :frowning: I like the bag!

Robyn, if I figure it out, I’ll send you the pattern!

Even if your computer had the japanese fonts, it won’t put it into english. You just have to feel your way around the site…

I did write up a thing on how to get to the patterns though…

Here is a link to the bags website…


General interior stuff…

Motifs, which mostly look like granny squares…

Now, if you click on the pictures or the question marks above, it’ll take you to a page like this:
And then, next to the main image, there is a yarn ball, knitting needles, a button, and an icon that kind of resembles a piece of paper with squares on it and things. If you click on the question marks next to this last image, it’ll send you to another page, where you then click on the question marks with the link. It’ll open a PDF, and you’ll have to download the japanese characters (which might require a restart of your browser) but once it’s all set, it’ll load the pattern. If you google “crochet pattern symbols” you’ll get a great guide for reading the patterns.

I think that covers it…

If you have any more questions, let me know.

Totally cute!!! Can I get the website??

very pretty, i like the color too…

The diagrams are pretty good and I have been working on a pattern using the picture. There is a translator if you want to try it called babel fish:

I haven’t figured out how to use it yet but it is free.

The translator is not the best…
For instance, it translates “cardigan” (in Japanese) to "“Qadi cancer/gun” in English. :slight_smile: