FO - Guided by Love Socks

My newest project is called Guided by Love Socks…


This pattern was not free. You can read more about the pattern here, although it is no longer available for purchase. She does have a similar pattern here.

100% of the proceeds went to an organization that furthers independence for the visually impaired. Paired with my love of dogs, I couldn’t resist.

I waited to knit this until I had the perfect yarn. I finally found it during a soccer trip to South Carolina last fall. This is Regia 4-fadig, color 44. I used 345 yards (1.5 skeins/75 grams)…
I used US 1 (2.25 mm) needles. I initially started out making the Women’s 7-8 size, but it was looking like it was going to be too large, so I frogged and cast on for the 5-6 size. This seems odd because I wear a 7 1/2 shoe, but it’s all about gauge, and mine can be all over the place.[/LEFT]

The first heel I knit (yeah, I said first) gave me a fit, and I ripped back. It is a modified version of a short-row heel. The second time I worked the heel, I placed markers at the wraps to help me keep track. I don’t know why I made things so difficult, because the heels were actually easy to knit and lovely to behind when finished…


One thing that makes these socks so cute is the paw print pattern that runs across the foot and up the leg. If you look closely, you’ll see little paw prints. Can you say LOVE?!


Another neat feature of this pattern is the cuff. The designer incorporated the words, “Guided by Love” around the top in Braille…

Knitting with beads was a first for me. But, I persisted…a time when I can thank my stubborn nature. And I finally finished! Woo Hoo! Another pair for the sock drawer!

[LEFT]Thanks for looking! :muah:

Oh, those are beautiful! :inlove: You did an excellent job :slight_smile:

These socks are so neat! I love the Braille, the pawprints…they are so cool! Too bad the pattern is not available anymore!

I would try sending an email to the pattern designer. She is such a sweetheart. I don’t know if she would consider selling it again.

That is original. I have never seen paw prints in socks and I love it. The beads are another very cool thing about those socks. Great job, as usual.

Great socks Nathalie! And I agree with the heel being lovely to behold :slight_smile:

These socks are really really REALLY nice! I love them!!!

I echo everyone else’s response. These are really beautiful and I love the cause they were designed for. Another great job and thanks for sharing.

Those are beautiful socks Nathalie! I love the look of the heel and the paw prints are so cute!!

I think you are becoming the “Sock Queen”! Those are so cute and I love the heels. Glad you figured out a way to make it easier for yourself.

I’m in love! :heart:

Awww…you guys are so sweet!!!

I really do love knitting socks. It seems that no matter how many pairs I work up, I always learn something new.

The heels are Eye of Partridge, which you can google. They are really thick, which is important because, as you know, heels get the most wear of any part of the sock.

Thanks again, all!


That is a genuinely clever sock pattern, and you did a wonderful job.

I’ve had to play around with heels on socks, due to my unusual feet, and it takes time and patience. Will have to look up the eye of the peacock pattern you used.

I love them! You did a wonderful job on them.

Wow!!! Those are way cool!! What a neat story behind the pattern. Awesome!

Those have to be the coolest socks I’ve ever seen. I love the “story” behind them.