FO: George and Harriet Bears - WIP: DNA scarf

Seriously, are you tired of seeing these yet? LOL. You can get the pattern here; these are modified only in that I double knit them rather than working them flat and seaming.

[CENTER]Ok, this is George, bear #7.

And this is Harriet, bear #8.

Harriet’s head looks too big, but the flower is cute. :teehee: [/CENTER]

I actually do knit other things like this DNA Scarf which is presently about 1/3 completed. The pattern is here.

Aaw Cute. Thanks for sharing.

I looked at the pattern for the DNA Scarf. Complicated. The chart looks much easier. Which are you using? Needle size? Your’s looks great.

They’re very cute . . . is there a charity someplace you give them to? I missed it if you mentioned it.

Oh my gosh, you are so good at these now! I love them! So is double knitting them easier than any other way you’ve tried?

Those bears are so cute!! I especially love the little dress on Harriet. Beautiful scarf, too. What is the yarn?

Gertie - I’m using size 4 needles. Once I wrapped my brain around the pattern instructions it’s not hard to follow. It’s not mindless knitting by all means though. I am using the chart with all the / / - code and found the best way to speed up looking at the chart then looking at the legend for what the / /-s meant was to get out the colored pencils and shaded in one code in red on the chart and the corresponding instruction in the legend. I ran out of colors so rather than shading in the boxes I just drew around the box with different colors. I haven’t seen the DNA chart written out.

Deb - Yes they will be donated to The Mother Bear Project. I figure I’ll send 10 in at a time. :slight_smile:

Jan - Yes, to me double knitting is definitely the fastest and easiest next to dpns or two circulars (which I haven’t tried cause I don’t have 2 sets of the same size circs). I double knit them inside out which is even faster cause then I only have to move the yarn back and forth for the garter stitch. Obviously I still have to turn the work and twist the yarns though which is something that I wouldn’t have to do with dpns.

Slim - Thanks. The scarf yarn is Bernat Cashmere. The color is Ocean.

Your bears are so doggone cute! :thumbsup: Harriet is stylin’ in her green dress–I love the little flower at the bottom. I :heart: :heart: George’s sweater–he looks ready for the ski slope!

Please let me know what you think of the difficulty level of the DNA scarf. I have seen the pattern elsewhere and wanted to make it for my sister who is studying to be a nurse (and still wants to be a doctor someday, I think). I’m a bit of a novice, though, so I was scared to start it.

Marni, i don’t get tired of them. They all have their own personalities!

Love the DNA scarf! I was thinking of doing the DNA sweater.


And here is the DNA sweater:


:yay: The bears are so cute, and love the scarf :happydance:

they look great. All of your bears have their own special look and personality so they never get boring to me. :wink: The DNA scarf is neat.

I’m big on bears, and I love yours, Marni.:slight_smile:

The scarf is beautiful. Outstanding color!:thumbsup:

Thanks for all the nice comments!

Erica - It’s not really that difficult, but it did take me a bit to figure out how to put the pattern together. It’s the first chart like that I’ve ever knitted from so it can be done!

Bambi - I love your DNA sweater; it is very cool.

They are so very very cute! I love seeing the knitted toys!
Thanks!!! You made my day!

Great idea!! :thumbsup:

Saw this at the library. Sweet toys!