FO: Garterlac Dishcloth

Another dishcloth…complete! This was my first ever entrelac pattern, and I had a ball! It’s so similar to putting together a jigsaw puzzle…probably why I liked it so much.

[B][COLOR=Red]Here[/COLOR][/B] is the link for the free pattern.

I used Sugar 'n Cream, “Playtime” colorway.


that turned out really great! I’d even consider doing dishes with this…happy colors! I bookmarked the pattern, thanks!

I LOVE this pattern! I have had it bookmarked on Ravelry forever, but I’m too chicken to try it- but yours makes me want to. Was it really hard? Did it take much longer than a regular dishcloth?
I love the colours!

:happydance: it looks great!!

The instructions included with this pattern are spot-on. It is a great way to learn entrelac – so easy!!! If you can pick up stitches, you can do this pattern. Even if you can’t, it’s still easy to learn.

Very cool! Great job…:hug:

What a nice idea, for learning that stitch. I may be brave enough to give it a go.
Love you color choices, they rock.

WOW! I can only dream of when I will feel brave enough to try a patterned knit! Great job!:cheering:

Putting on sun glasses and going to take a second look. Wow, that is bright, cheerful and happy looking. Great job on your first ever entrelac. I wish I had the nerve to try that, but for now I am happy with my sock knitting … for now!

I tried that exact pattern in almost an identical yarn a while ago - I LOVE the look of it but just couldn’t follow through for some reason. Too much turning back and forth. It looks great though!!

Ok, Ladies…

This pattern is so easy. Trust me. Isn’t it Ingrid who always says to, “Trust the pattern?”

I was scared to death to do it, and looking at my needles after the first couple of rows, with the beginnings of three triangles just hanging there…a little intimidating.

But, whoever wrote the pattern did an amazing job. The directions are concise, and everything just fits. Even when you think it won’t. It’s like making socks. Trust the pattern.

If you ever have any questions, let me know!

Oh, and a shout out to HollyP, who sent me the yarn (yep…along with the orange yarn I used for the round cloth I finished a few days ago). She chose the most wonderful colored yarn to send my way…so bright and cheery! I still have a skein of solid pink Sugar 'n Cream (same color pink that you can see in this dishcloth) that she sent too. I have a pattern selected, but I’m not sure when I’ll get around to knitting it up. I have a mid-term this week and a few papers to write.

Thanks for the nice comments…you’ve brightened my day! :muah:

Wow that’s a mighty fancy dishcloth! (smile)

Its sooo pretty i love it!! i entralac and socks the my next skill i want to tackle this year so i figure i will tackle them both at once i do eunny jang’s entralac socks LOL

Love your dishcloth. The colors are great. Entrelac is on my to-do list of learning. So, I’ll give this one a try, it’s almost the same, lol

I absolutely love that! I’m on a dishcloth-kick, and you’ve inspired me to make more!


Thanks, y’all!

You’ll laugh when I tell you that I took this cloth, as well as the round one I finished the other day (posted in this forum too) to work today – to show off a bit. :rofl:

I had a meeting with a computer consultant first thing, and I had to show him too…since when I met him at the receptionist’s desk, I had the cloth in my hand. He got quite a chuckle…even acknowledging that knitting is such a stress reliever. :teehee:

Wanted to add that the directions for casting on say to cast on very loosely. So, I cast on with both of my needles held together. I was a little skeptical of doing this (although I’ve read on this forum that this is a great way to cast loose stitches), but by the end, I had a really nice edge that didn’t pull the square out of shape. It’s so nice that I’ll probably use two needles (perhaps one a smaller size) to cast on from now on.

I’m really glad you posted that photo! I started my garterlac dish cloth a few months ago using the same pattern, and I got about halfway through and then got stuck. I still intend to finish it but I’m having a tough time reorienting myself. Looking at yours helped me get another perspective. Hmmm – maybe I can actually finish this thing after all . . . :figureditout:

Looking good! :thumbsup: I see you’re knitting instead of writing your papers :teehee: ?


I tried this garterlac dishcloth last year, and it kicked me in the behind. Well, I must admit…I was working on it in a hospital waiting room. My DH was in for all-day, knock-you-out tests. I can’t remember…but he is OK!

BUT, I remember this: my white cotton got all grimey from the knitting and frogging! :eyes: