FO: Garter stitch scarf (yes, another one...)

Knitted this GS scarf for my friend. I used up a whole Vanna White ball (skein?!) the colour is “chocolate.” Nice yarn to knit with, soft and stretchy.

Looks good, but you gotta learn to purl girl! :teehee:

Learn purling for what? lol

It’s really not that difficult and opens up a ton of patterns for you to do. :thumbsup: We’ve got a video here and I’ve got several more links that can help you out.

Oh, I’ve watched the purling vids, I just don’t have a need to purl, yet. I might want to attempt to knit a shawl later if/when I have time…

I love chocolate! Good job! Knitting from the heart is so nice!

I gave my friend her scarf today. She loves it “It’s so soft!” Gotta love Vanna White yarn…