Fo Flower basket shawl

I finished the Flower Basket Shawl. I like big shawls so I did 18 repeats of the pattern. I used some woolease sport that I got at Tuesday’s Morning for cheap so it probably won’t block out right (since wool ease is 80% acrylic but I went ahead and blocked it out hoping that the 20% wool will help. I promised myself that I would use up most of this yarn that I brought when I first started knitting and I have used a bit but I broke down and purchased some Jaggerspun Zephyr today for lacework shawls. Can’t wait to try some silk/wool yarn. I hope I like it. Has anyone here used Jaggerspun Zephyr? I brought some from Sarah’s yarn for $5.00 an ounce. Supposedly, 2 oz will be around 1260 yards (enough for a shawl)so that seems real reasonable to me.

Here’ the picure:

:shrug: I can’t see it. The picture is too small for my eyes.

I’m sure it is beautiful, and I am envious that you can knit that way. I have attemped lace knitting a few times and always end up rolling the yarn back into a ball. I guess I don’t count very well.

Here’s a larger picture. I guessed on the first picture and guessed too small. Susan, I knitted a couple of kitchen towels in lace for practise and then started shawls. I couldn’t do it without plenty of markers and by really watching the pattern closely. After you get thru the initial few rows, it usually gets much easier as you learn the pattern. You can do it!!!

Amazing! I can’t wait to see it done blocking and being worn!

:cheering: It’s GORGEOUS :cheering: I love, love that shawl pattern! I have the pattern and yarn and it’s waiting for me to finish up some other things so I can begin on it, too!

Rebecca, I certainly recommend stitch markers to mark the repeats. Many say that you can not use stitch markers except for the center and 2 stitch edge but I did for all the repeats too and it really helps. On row 3 and 5, you have to remove the stitch holder to knit k2 tog (part of the k2tog and psso) but you can see if the pattern is being followed correctly. Then on row 7 and 9, it’s just fine with the stitch markers. I really like the pattern. What yarn are you going to use?

It’s beautiful! Is the pattern free online somewhere?

The pattern use to be free online and I copied it last year but I noticed that the pattern was removed and they are now charging for it. They did make some changes such as how to use different yarns types and in sizing options. But basically, you can size whatever you want since it’s knitted from top to bottom and you can just keep knitting row and repeats until you get it to the size you want. I think I saw a copy of the first free pattern here on this site. Just put Flower Basket Shawl in the search option on the home page and see if the old free pattern can be found.

That’s gorgeous! :heart:

Thank you for the larger picture–my eyes ain’t what they used to be!

The shawl is fabulous! Thank you for the encouragement. I hope to be able to make a lovely piece such as yours. I will keep trying. I like your idea of doing some kitchen towels; I suppose in cotton?


Susan, cotton would be best for kitchen towels IMHO. There a bunch of free patterns under hanging kitchen towels search. The Woolease sport did block better than I expected but not as good as natural fibers would. Here’s the photo of it on a hanger. It is big but I don’t think it’s too big. Edit to add-- I think it blocked better than other things I’ve knitted in woolease because I soaked it for 30 mintues before blocking.

too bad the free pattern was removed from the web :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

It’s beautiful!

Absolutely amazing! How much sportweight WoolEase did it take you to make it?


I made the shawl with a little over 2 and a half skeins of Sportweight Wool- ease. Each skein is 435 yards and weighs 5 oz. I have a tad bit over 2 oz left of the third skein. Remember tho that I made a very big shawl with 18 repeats of the pattern. This shawl can be made any size and a large size shawl could be made with two skeins which I think would make about 16 pattern repeats maximum.


The shawl is stunning! I think I will get some cotton, as you suggest, and start with a hand towel. I can give them as gifts; something I would love to receive.

Thanks for the tips! I’ll be on the lookout for other projects of yours!