FO: Flower Basket Shawl, again!

This Flower Basket Shawl is knitted on 3,5 mm needles, and I have repeated lower flower basket 17 times! I dont know the name of the yarn, but it is almost Lace weight. This beauty is only 0,176 lb. Off the needles she is 110 cm wide across top edge, blocked i guess it is almost 170 cm. I have not measured her from center of top edge to bottom point. I am happy, it is a beautiful shawl! Pattern for the shawl [color=blue]here[/color] and [color=blue]here[/color]. My previous FBS is here.

Any question to the pattern? Please read [color=blue]this blog[/color].

Did I forget to tell you that I love the pattern? :slight_smile:

That is simply stunning - what a wonderful job!

Absolutely GORGEOUS :smiley: !! I love that pattern, I have a very similar pattern & yarn to knit it…LOL, it’s on my long project list :wink:

Just stunning! I hope that some day I can knit something that beautiful!

Thank you, and it is not a difficult pattern, it is a genious pattern!

That is gorgeous… one day I’ll be able to do that too :wink: (at least I hope I will) :XX:

:inlove: Gorgeous!! :cheering:

Breath-taking. I love it!! :heart:

Beautiful!! :cheering:

Ohh I had seen that pattern and thought of giving that a go. My mother wears shawls and has asked me if I make her one to make it a lacy weight in black… I was not sure if I should try that with that pattern or not.

She does seem to prefer the wrap style more then the triangular shawls. But I really love that pattern. Grats on yours!!

WOW WOW WOW!! :heart: