FO - Fishy Potholder!

I’m way excited about this one… I normally don’t make things that are supposed to be functional, but this potholder was so darn cute. I probably won’t use it (for fear of getting it singed or dirty!) but I still love it!

very charming. I wouldn’t use it either. It would make a nice gift.

:yay: So cute!

It’s a Fishy Tawashi (only you’ve chosen not to use it tawashi?..heh). Pattern found on Ravelry…I made one last year, still haven’t used it…you can find pics of mine here:

Adorable fishy! You could hang it on the wall.


That’s the pattern I used :o) Only took about two hours to make… with many breaks because the cotton was killing my hands.

Very Cute! :woot:

I envisioned making a string of these to use as a valence on my kitchen window…if only I had the ambition!

Adorable! I don’t think I could use it either!

Yes, it is darn cute! I love it! Great work!

I really like it. I am trying to knit a potholder now, but it’s taking me a while. The first color is tan, and I’m hoping to add green to it later if I can get to the store soon. Don’t know why it takes me a long time to knit things. Just starting out, and it’s taking me many hours. I’d like to create a couple of nice, thick tablemats to go with it.

[SIZE=3][COLOR=Magenta][B]Totally cute![/B]

In bright colors, a great little kid toy.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

It’s adorable!! I would probably be scared to use it to though! LOL