FO first sweater-updated

I finished ds’s sweater today. I’m a little disappointed in the measurements. The sleeves are too long and the body is too short. But it does sew up evenly, so at least there is that. Considering that it is my first sweater and I was using a pattern where I had to extrapolate his size AND not using the recommended yarn or needles, it isn’t too bad. I used a Debbie Bliss pattern from The Baby Knits Book and used size 11 needles with Plassard Rhapsodie yarn (until I ran out and then used something else, I don’t remember what, for the maroon on the sleeves). Anytime the pattern called for a certain number of stitches I used the newborn amount but when it called for length (like, st st until it is 6" from cast on edge etc) I made it the next increment beyond the 12 month size (the pattern went up in predictable increments, like 12 cm for newborn, 14 for 3-6 mo, 16 for 6-9 and 18 for 12 mo so making 18 mo should be 20, right? That is why the body is so short!)

Is there any way to add on to the bottom of the body with another yarn so it is longer?

That’s so cute & you did a good job with your 1st sweater :smiley:
I would think that you can just pick up sts along the bottom of the sweater and knit whatever additional length that you would like :wink:

OHHH! Its SO cute!

Silver or Ingy will have to help you make it longer…Ive never done a sweater either!

Awww that came out cute!

That is adorable!! The sweater’s great, too. :wink:

Kelly’s right, you can pick up along the bottom edge and knit to add length. You can add ribbing, or if you want to keep the rolled edge, just make it longer in the same weight yarn and needles. For ribbing, decrease your needles a size or two.

will the stitches look upside down?

Not so you’d notice–especially with the ribbing. Even if you keep the rolled edge, the transformation between the main color and the new color will make enough of a ‘line of demarcation’ that any subtle change wouldn’t be noticed.

Julie, I think the sweater looks great!! I really like the stripes on the sleeves. Rowan is a cutie, too!! :thumbsup:

it turned out great and is even cuter on the little guy. You could always add a ribbed edge as he grows.

awww how cute is he!! Great job on the sweater :thumbsup:

What a great job! Especially since that is your first sweater–wow! And I love how you’ve done the colors! :thumbsup:

thanks, it was all an accident, lol. I bought clearanced self striping yarn-all the balls they had (3). then it became obvious that there wasn’t going to be enough so I ran to the LYS yesterday and found something that was the closest match of any of the colors and approximately the same thickness. I would have preferred light red but nothing they had was orangey enough. When I was doing the sleeves I got too bored doing it in the same color so I added the rest of what I had in the self striping and voila! Something that looked planned! :rofling:

It is adorable!!! I have never knit a sweater so I don’t know what to say about sleeves - but picking up and knitting longer on the body should work!

Aww, that’s cute! I havn’t tried a sweater yet, but I have to agree on picking up stitches on the bottom to make it longer. I think ribbing would be really cute on it :slight_smile:

Now that is an adorable sweater!! Great job!

You got some great help already, I’m no pro so I have no suggestions :lol:

great job! I love the colors and love the idea of having the sleeves “rollable” as little ones grow so quickly!!

Here it is with the ribbing. I really didn’t have to do much for it to be a good length, basically just add an inch and make it stop curling! He’s asleep or I would take a pic of it on him…