Fo: first sock--yay!

I DID IT!!! :woot: I’ve been wanting to try socks for quite some time and FINALLY DID IT!!:woot:

I couldn’t have done this without help from lots of sources. This site, of course. Thanks, Amy, for giving me so many skills that gave me confidence to try socks. Thanks to the Soculatorfor helping me get the right sizing, thanks to Deb for the great tutorial on the Turkish CO, to Silver, for the very clear Toe-up tutorial, which helped in many ways, including the great Bind off,
to Misocraft for the no-hole heelpictures…

Does this sound like some award show???:roflhard:

As you can tell, I don’t always get it the first time I see it, so seeing a variety of techniques in different ways REALLY helped. Those of you who haven’t tried socks yet, TRY IT! It’s FUN!

Wow! Very nice. I really like the colors and they look like they fir well too!! Good job

Great job! Way to stick with it - socks are soooo fun, aren’t they? And awesome choice of yarn for your first pair of socks :slight_smile:

Great!!! I love the colors of the yarn and they look like they fit perfectly!

It does sound like an award show, but the sock is great so you deserve it! :cheering:

Very nice job!

:cheering::cheering:[SIZE=4]Great work on your 1st Sock!![/SIZE]:cheering::cheering:

The next one will be even easier. :thumbsup:

Wow! those are excellent for your first time! (Much better than mine!)

YAY Well done! Sock knitting is great isn’t it =D