FO: First pair of socks!

I tried Silver’s sock class and after I finished one (shorter than normal) sock, I decided to go ahead and try to make an actual pair for my mom. I used Jarbo Raggi yarn. It’s a worsted weight which is why the socks look so thick. My mom wanted socks she could wear around the house though, not socks to wear with shoes.

I don’t think they’re too bad for a first attempt. I will definitely be making more. I like how portable and fast they are to knit.

Those are really pretty socks, they look wonderful.

Those are gorgeous! You did a great job!! :cheering: :cheering: I made my first pair of socks last week. They turned out to be ok but I really need to practice more using the dpns.

Wonderful job and I love the color. :heart:

Socks are FUN!!!and yours look great!!!


Good work!