FO: first felting try: sidekick bag

I’m so pleased with how this worked! I was so nervous to try felting- it seems like such magic. The pattern is Amanda’s Squatty Sidekick, free from The yarn is Freedon Spirit 100% wool by Twileys of Stamford. (thanks IZA!!!) The only think I changed with the pattern is I lengthened the strap a bit in the i-cord portion.

I’m going to go fix the shape a bit as I see in this pic (Still wet) the bottom is a little lumpy- Yay felting!

(I know, I’m like 100 years late to the party… :roflhard:)

Great job! It looks awesome. :slight_smile:

It looks great - I’m so impressed! Isn’t the first try at felting so rewarding???!!! :smiley:

Your bag turned out great…

MaryKZ -
I saw that pattern over the weekend too and made one too… and can you believe this… I used the exact same yarn as you did. I originally bought it from Ram wools as part of a kit for the felted fish bag but that pattern was so convuluted that I made this one instead. I used the blue colorway though but I have some more in the same color you made yours in.

It is such a fun pattern to knit… It lasted for less than 12 hours in my posession and I gave it to my friend. My mom saw a picture of it and she wanted one so I am making one for her now.

great job!!!

what are the finished dimensions on your bag? i am thinking about knitting it and was curious.

how interesting!!! I bet the blue was gorgeous- to me the pattern just called for this yarn in my stash… and it was fun to make- easy increasing/decreasing and just enough icord do I didn’t go crazy… I think I even have enough of the same yarn for another! I’m showing this one to my Mom today- so we’ll see if it comes back home!! LOL

Thanks!! The bag portion is about 10 inches wide, and about 6 inches tall and about 2 inches deep. The handle is about 16 inches from one edge to the other. It could have felted smaller, but I need the bag to hold enough of my STUFF. (I carry waay to much junk in my bag :rofling:)

I made the handle a little longer than the pattern called for b/c I don’t like a tiny strap. I just made an extra 2 inches of icord in the middle of the handle.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkgreen]Nice job on the bag…[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

Very nice…looks like a fun bag!!