FO: Feral Fair Isle Dog Sweater

I just finished this for my JRT. He looks so cute in it! :slight_smile: This was my first time doing any kind of colorwork or real shaping, so I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. The pattern is “Feral Fair Isle” from “Knitting for Dogs” by Kristi Porter. I used Mission Hill 1824 Wool and a 16" US 7 (body), a 16" US 5 (ribbing), straight US 7s, and a set of US 5 DPNs (armholes).

I messed up the pattern a little bit (I forgot that when I switched from knitting in the round to back-and-forth that I had to start reading the chart differently), but you can’t really tell that much. If it were a people sweater, I would have frogged it, but I figure that Diego won’t know the difference, and no one else has noticed it. Just me being OCD! :slight_smile:

The pattern gives you enough yarn to either make 2 of these or a dog sweater and a hat, and I was originally going to make the hat, but I had so much fun doing this that I’m going to make another one for my parents’ male JRT, and I ordered some more yarn in “girlier” colors (white again as the MC, with lavender, light blue, and a spruce-y green) to make one each for my female Schipperke and my parents’ female JRT! Can you tell I like both this pattern and this yarn? :lol:

Anyhoo, here it is! (A note about his collar: it’s NOT a bark collar. We have an invisible fence because our electric gate shorts out and opens on its own sometimes, leading to the dogs running down one of the busiest streets in Houston. I just forgot to take it off him when I let him in.)

The Sweater:

Diego in his new sweater:

Very cute. He doesn’t seem to like the camera much, but that is a really good fit for him. You did a great job!

Tee hee, thanks a lot! :slight_smile: He’s actually upset because he dropped his toy off the edge of the bed (one of his favorite games–he then shuffles his feet and scratches the bed as if he can’t get down until I pick it up for him, and when I do, he immediately jumps off the bed!) and I was taking his picture instead of handing it to him! :lol: He is TOO spoiled!

OH that is the cutest sweater and it looks soooo cute on your sweet dog!! i just want to cover him in kisses!!!:muah:

That’s so cute!

Very cute and it fits him just right!

Very pretty!!:heart:

:inlove: aww how cute!! Great job…

Oh wow Diego looks so cute and seems really pleased with the sweater
the colourway is perfect well done x

That is a beautiful sweater, and a nice fit too!

I love it! Wonderful job. Your dog looks so cute in it!

Great job…Diego looks fantastic! I dare say that my cats wouldn’t look so happy if I made anything for them other than an afghan… :wink:

That is SOOO cute!! You are right, your dog looks veryDashing in it :mrgreen:

I love it and I think your dog does too.

He’s very cute! I don’t know why dogs need sweaters, but he does look “dashing”! And, like a real character.

Awww he’s cute! It’s a great sweater!

Cute sweater and it looks good on him!

It sounds like you are on a dog sweater roll. What lucky dogs! This is a very nice pattern and you chose nice colors and executed it well.

Deb, believe it or not, some dogs actually do get cold and need a little help.

Ha ha! I know, it seems silly, right? But he actually has very thin fur (a lot of Jack Russels do, especially “broken coats” like him) and gets cold really easily outside in the winter. If it’s below about 65, he goes out there and shivers and acts all pathetic and won’t leave the porch.

He has a little mini horse blanket-type thing, but the nylon straps irritate his stomach. So, viola! No more chafing and no more winter chills outdoors! My parents’ female JRT gets the same way, but since my mom keeps their house like a meat locker, she shivers inside as well and hides under blankets. My Schipperke is really fluffy and doesn’t really need one most of the time, but we’ve started shaving her in the summer so she doesn’t get too hot (or shed as much!), and she’ll get a bit chilly, too. Anyhoo, that’s my reasoning. :lol:

But anyway, thanks everyone for the sweet comments! I had a lot of fun with it (can you tell?).

What a handsome gentleman! Looks great :cheering: