FO - felted purse

Aaaa! I had no idea sewing in a lining was so painful!! :hair:

I made this little felted purse (for more info see this thread - I didn’t want to repeat myself too much) out of a stockinette rectangle. It was supposed to be a practice item so I could make a nicer one for my friend, but she actually wants this one! :happydance:

Anyway, I wanted to try making an I cord strap and putting in a lining and magnetic snaps… But my friend said no strap. I couldn’t find any magnetic snaps in my travels today, so I will have to look more tomorrow…

I decided to sit down and try my hand at sewing in a lining tonight. I read this tutorial but it was not much help to me. :whoosh:

I got some purple satin fabric and with some difficulty sewed it into a bag shape, but I couldn’t figure out how to sew it on the inside like she did in the tutorial. So I just sewed around the top. I don’t have a sewing machine and SHEESH was it hard! It looks like a drunken 2 year old sewed it, it is so uneven! Hopefully my friend will not look too closely. From about 2 feet away it looks great! :rofl:

I want to make a lining for the skull tote I just made (, and I have the fabric I want to use, but there must be an easier way! Any suggestions are welcome. Use simple terms, apparently I am challenged. :teehee:

OMG I WANT THIS!!:teehee:

I really like ur style in stuff!! I loved the skull bag and Im doing one like it soon…and I love this one too!!

the lining seems fine too…im sorry I can’t really help and like tell you anything useful cause I’m such a lil newb!:rofl:

That looks nice. I can’t imaging a bag without handles though. :??

Oh and I just found this link for lining w/o sewing!

the link has a lil mistake in it =)…u have http// typed twice… :slight_smile:

I used thisfor my booga bag liner instructions, worked well and I’d never lined anything before.

:doh: Too many https in it.


[COLOR=“Purple”]I finished the purse!!![/COLOR] :woohoo: :woot:

So I had put in the lining and then found my magnetic snap today (for some reason all the Joanns were out of them so I got one at Michael’s). I was not happy to find out that the snap goes through the backside (I guess I was thinking you could sew it on like a button?) so I wasn’t sure what to do.

After a little pity party, I removed the lining, resewed it (this time doing a better job and going partial thickness rather than all the way through) and took it up onto the inside of the flap, so I could put the snap on the flap. :teehee: Otherwise, I could not have used the flap for the snap bc the backside of the snap would have been on the outside of the purse.

WHEW! cloud9

That’s perfect for finally finishing my sister’s purse. Her sewing machine is missing a vital part and I’ve been waiting for her to order it so I can get the purse completed.

Thanks so much!

I love it! Great job!

Jan! You’re such a mind reader. I’m about 3/4 done with a felted bag, and was actually about to ask everyone if it’s possible to use stitch witchery with felting. dance As soon as it’s finished, I’m gonna have to swatch that and give it a try. Thank you thank you thank you!

laikabear: Your bag is beautiful!!! I love that purple satin. It matches the striping soooo well. Very nice job! :slight_smile:

Looks good!! Pretty yarn.