FO - Felted Flamingo

Here’s my latest FO - She’s temporarily stuffed right now and drying from the felting process. I still need to add eyes, and maybe a feathered hat. She’s a present for a good friend of mine who is wild about flamingos…

That is adorable!

How cute is that!

OMG I love that! Too cute. :thumbsup:

How CUTE!!!

That is adorable!! She’s going to love it! :thumbsup:

:heart: :cheering:

Love it!

Omg that is too cool ! It looks just like the Beanie Baby Famingo !!! Did you create the pattern yourself? That is just awsome !!! Good job !!! :thumbsup:

How cool!! It looks wonderful!

That’s AWESOME!! :happydance: Your friend will love it! :smiley:

haha that is excellent! I love it :XX:

Love it!

OMGoodnes…ADORABLE!!! She will be so loved :thumbsup:
Where did you find the pattern? I must knit one for Shannon, she loves flamingos!

That’s too cute!

That is way TOO CUTE! :slight_smile:

Is there a pattern?

That’s AWESOME! :smiley: I love its fluffy body and groovy knotted knees! What pattern did you use?

I got the pattern at my LYS, but it is published by Fibertrends. They have a listing of local sources. Don’t be overwhelmed when you look at the pattern - it’s about 4 pages long and looks really complicated, but it was tons of fun to knit!

That is fabulous!

That flamingo is cute!!! I love the legs! Lol.

That is so cool! There’s a running joke in my husband’s family where a different person gets a ratty old flamingo every Christmas–I wonder if I could work this in somehow? :thinking: