FO - Father/Daughter hat

I’m on a hat making kick! From this pattern I tried ribbing for the first time so here’s my attempt. I loved the pattern but found I could go with either more ribbing or more plain knit rounds so that I had more ear coverage.

Yarn: Plymouth Encore in Dark Chocolate
Needles: 8

That is a really cool decrease! I like that!

I really like that hat!

Great job. I just used Raglan decreases on a hat too and I think it looks more manly other types of decreases.


It looks great! You could probably do more ribbing or just some plain knitting to make it a little longer if you wanted.


:cheering: :cheering:

It looks great and I am so proud of you for putting your picture in here. I always want to chop my head off so people don’t have to see me.

that is excellent!

Cool–I love those decreases at the top too.