FO: Fancy Bow

I just finished a fancy bow. It made a great cat toy, but it would also be perfect for a holiday corsage, hair thingy, or to personalize an otherwise generic gift (like money, wine, or gift cards.)

My only regret is that I should have done a couple more repetitions–it isn’t fat enough. Here are the instructions: It doesn’t go very fast, since it uses fine yarn and small needles, but can still easily be done in a day. :knitting:

Fun and pretty!

Very nice work! What won’t we think of next? I sure do like all the ways and uses that knitting can be put to!

Lovely bow! :thumbsup:

Thanks. I love making up simple, silly stuff to knit. I get goofy this time every year. :roflhard: If this one went faster, I’d be using it all over the house for Christmas – on wreaths, curtain tiebacks – I bet it would even make neat tree ornaments with the right yarn. Ah well – maybe next year.

What a cool idea to dress up a gift! great job and love the color!

How cute!! Love how it turned out!