Fo: fake isle hat

sooooo this is my first attempt at stranding and i looooove it! i finished this hat in one evening (yes it was a very long evening, but still) because i could not wait to see it finished. i used noro kureyon color# 163 and lamb’s pride worsted in creme. unfortunately it does not fit too well, i think i may have done the strands on the top half of the hat too tight and i probably should have made the bigger size. i didn’t realize my head was soo big! haha but i loved making it and i think it is beautiful!


That IS pretty. I remember redheadrachel’s hat like that and this reminds me again to do it.

Great job! Maybe you can block it bigger?

that truly is beautiful!!! :inlove:

It’s a beautiful hat!

Great work! It is beautiful and whoever gets to wear it will love it. If you haven’t already, search for the Philosopher’s website. See has a really neat way of doing color work without having to strand. I’m using it on a felted tote and its pretty slick.

PS - see the link above!

Neat!! I’ve seen this hat before too and love it. I can surely understand how you couldn’t put it down until finished.

I wonder if you could wet it and use your head to block it? I’ve never done this but seems like it might work. Others… could this work?

Wo-OOOOWW!! I love this pattern and have seen a lot of really great iterations - but this is seriously my favorite!

I am in awe! :passedout: What a gorgeous hat!

My greatest nemesis is stranded knitting! Sigh.

Fabulous! :woot:I’m not brave enough to try stranded knitting. I can barely handle one strand of yarn at a time. :teehee:

Beautiful!! You did a great job :blooby:

The hat picture on the pattern kind of repels me, but I just love yours! Color makes all the difference!

That is beautiful! Really, really lovely. :cheering:

that’s the same thing it thought! i figured if i was going to do all this work i want to actually SEE it. thanks to everyone about ideas with blocking it. i think i might try blocking it on my own head… i REALLY want to be able to wear it! thank you everyone for the very nice comments!!

What a great hat! You did a wonderful job!

Looks great!

Beautiful, beautiful work! I really love the colors you chose.

Where did you find the pattern? I would like to make one too. Yours is beautiful!

You did a wonderful job on the hat! It looks great!


thank you so much! the pattern is from just go the archive and the pattern is called fake isle hat.

very nice–I love the colors!!! I still hold on to a sock I made for my dd–it didn’t fit but it was my first correctly made sock and it was so pretty that I couldn’t stand to just get rid of it–it’s a child’s sock so I use it as a book marker sometimes! :slight_smile: I’m sure you can find some great use for the hat even if it doesn’t block large enough for your head! :slight_smile: