FO - Eyelet Sun Hat

Well, all I can say is that it’s DONE! :woohoo:
The pattern is from Knitting at Knoon.

I swear I wasn’t going to let this hat get the best of me. After about 3 tries I finally finished it early Tuesday morning (like around 1:30am).

The hat is now in the blocking stage. Once it’s dry, I will be sending it a friend who just had her first baby in March.

Thank you LisaKay for the inspiration!

That is JUST lovely! :slight_smile: I love the pattern! Are you blocking it over a rounded bowl or similar to get such a symmetrical shape?

What a beautiful little hat! You did such a good job – it looks perfect!

That is sooo cute!

That is just gorgeous! I just love the pattern.

That is absolutely adorable! Great job.:yay:

:cheering: You’re welcome! The hat looks wonderful! :thumbsup:

I’ve been on a bit of a knitting hiatus lately…worked on a dishcloth off and on, but not much else. It’s been a busy time what with it being summer and not having any of my kids in school, but doing other summer activities. Plus, with my obsessive-compulsive tendencies (sp?), my scrapbooking has been taking its turn lately. We recently got Photoshop Elements, so I’ve been playing with doing some of my scrapbooking on the computer. I made a scrapbook for DD’s 1st birthday in July. Well, almost finished it before the hard drive crashed…now we’re back up and running so I can get back at it. But then the itch to knit hits again… Oh how I would love to be able to find a nice balance between all of my interests instead of becoming so completely immersed in one that everything else is left in the dust. :teehee:

Lisa, when you mentioned the pattern in the swap a few months ago, I looked at the pattern and fell in love with it. So I bought yarn for both of us! Once I learned how to count correctly it was pretty easy to do.


I used a little tupperware mixing bowl that I found in my pantry.

How cute!! It will look so sweet on a little girl.

That is beautiful! Great job…she’s one lucky baby!

What an adorable hat!!! :inlove:

That hat is absolutely adorable!

Wow…:heart: What a cute little hat :cheering:

So Cute!! Thanks for sharing!!

That is SOOooOooo cute. Great job!!!

Wow that is just beautiful…my new granddaughter is due in December…and they live in CA…I wonder if this could be done in cotton?!
Is Knitting at Knoon a book? or website? It sounds familiar…

Thank you Jen.

I used King Tut mercerized cotton. The pattern is from a company called Knitting at Knoon. Hereis their website. I actually ordered the pattern from here.