FO Eyelet Baby Blanket

Since finishing my Einstein coat I’ve been working on the Eyelet Baby Blanket from Blue Sky Alpacas. I made mine in the BSA organic cotton (for an August baby) instead of the worsted called for in the pattern. It hasn’t been blocked yet, I’ll get up the nerve in a day or two :lol: . Actually, since I (what was I thinking?) frogged my swatch and used it in the blanket, I may knit a hat with the extra yarn and try it in the washing machine to try out the “washability” of the yarn before blocking and gifting the blanket. Any suggestions on an eyelet baby hat pattern?

This organic cotton yarn is sooo soft, it should be wonderful for a baby. The blanket “body” took me a couple of days to do, and the ruffled edges each took a day. Based on comments here in another thread, I used a slightly smaller needle than the yarn calls for.

That’s beautiful.

Don’t think I understand the full reasons for blocking - is there more to it than making things lie flat? Your blanket looks fine already - or am I missing something vital?

:smiley: Absolutely gorgeous…I love it!! U can find lots of baby hats here or you could use the same pattern in the hat & put the ruffle on the edge; you can find hat & head sizes here :smiley:

That is the cutest baby blanket! I really don’t see why it would need blocking either. Looks great!! :thumbsup:

Rebecca, you are a gem! With that head size chart, I will just do a simple cap with a narrow ribbed edge, an eyelet row just above (for a blue ribbon, the baby is a boy), possibly a second offset eyelet row just for looks, and a standard spiral decreased top. I like the ribbon for newborn hats, it helps them be adjustable.

I found a cap that’s close to what I had in mind at, but it’s going to take some figuring, since the gauge of the organic cotton isn’t anything like what the pattern calls for (of course!)

On blocking a blanket: it doesn’t need shaping like a garment usually does, but a gentle blocking will help the stitches even out to a nice uniform tension. I am still plagued by the nagging fear that a gift given will fall apart the first time it’s cleaned by the recipient :oops: . Since I didn’t keep my swatch, I’ll use the hat or booties to experiment with “hand wash and dry flat” so that the new mom won’t get an unhappy surprise when SHE does it. :wink:

that is a really beautiful blanket!

Great job! and so fast too!!! :thumbsup:

Very pretty! I love the ruffled edge!

Absolutely beautiful. I :heart: it.

The blanket is just beautiful!

Pretty blanket :slight_smile:

This is soo pretty! :thumbsup:

Well, that is just one of the prettiest baby blankets I’ve ever seen! How many skeins of yarn did you use?

I wonder how it would look using knitpicks Shine??


Wow, beautiful blanket! I :heart: it!

Beautiful Blanket and I love the yarn you chose.

Mama Bear

Thanks! :oops: I give all the credit to the pattern and the yarn. The pattern is actually pretty easy, I’m still a fairly new knitter and didn’t have any problems with the instructions or stitching. There IS a pattern correction on the BSA site, so if you have purchased the pattern, check to see if you need the update.

The pattern calls for 600 yards of their Blue Sky Worsted… I just refigured it for the organic cotton and ordered an extra skein “just in case.” I’ll use the extra on a hat. I think the Shine worsted would be fine, just check the gauge and yardage figures. Actually, I have some of the shine sport, if the worsted is the same just thicker, it would make a very nice baby blanket.