FO: Emerald

Here is my first sweater and first successful attempt at following a pattern! I’m really happy with it. It’s Amy Swenson’s Emerald in Misti Alpaca Chunky in Copper Melange. It’s so soft. It’s a bit droopy and heavy for the pattern but I love it anyway! I especially love the cabling between the raglan decreases.

Click photo to see it larger.

And here is the shoulder detail.

And here’s the button. I couldn’t find one big enough so I bought a wooden spoon and made my own. :slight_smile:

That is a gorgeous sweater. You did a very good job on it! Great work. Congrats!

That looks fantastic. Great job.

Beautiful! And it looks lovely on too :slight_smile:

[SIZE=3]I just [COLOR=Red][B]love[/B][/COLOR] this sweater! And, THE BUTTON is to die for! I’ve had the same problem…can’t find BIG BUTTONS! How did you make a button out of a spool?
And, you mean an empty wooden thread spool? Where did you find the spool?

Now I’m gonna have to add another pattern to my queue!
BTW: I like your sweater better than the blue one shown on the model! Something about your yarn makes it look nicer!

Thanks for sharing all the detailed photos, too!

Thanks everyone!

Artlady, I think the sweater drapes differently because of the Alpaca so it hugs the body better. I prefer it that way. It’s a trade-off though because it droops more, too.

As for the button, I used a wooden spoon, not a spool. :wink: Anyway, all I did was cut off the handle, cut out a bit more to round it off and then switched to a very coarse sand paper to round it off and then a fine one to smooth it out. A couple of drill holes, and, voila!

You are so clever!!!
I just love the jacket and I want one NOW!!
I too think yours looks better than the one shown on the pattern…yours appears softer and the colour is lovely x

Oh! Gotcha! A wooden SPOON! :doh:

Wonderful idea!!!

I just LOVE this sweater! :inlove: The color is wonderful, and I love what you did for the button! So creative!!!

:inlove: I love it…it looks great…and I would have never thought to use a spoon :yay:

YOU ARE A GENIUS! That sweater is beautiful! From pattern to color to draping, but that you made that button too…VERY COOL! If I knew where your closet was I’d steal it. :wink: Because I know if I try to make this it just won’t be the same…Very nice work!

** I just looked at the original on Knitty–I like your colorway and button so much better…you need to submit a pic to them!

Wow is that pretty!!:thumbsup:

That really is nice, and looks great on you. I’m impressed that you made the button as I never would have thought of using a wooden spoon and power tools.

[SIZE=7][SIZE=3]BTW: I like your sweater better than the blue one shown on the model! Something about your yarn makes it look nicer![/SIZE]

Me too! Your’s drapes much better. What a gorgeous sweater!

That is absolutely GORGEOUS! The colour is lovely too. I’ve been coveting that Misti Alpaca for months- what a great sweater for it.

All I can say is Wow! That is impressive! I loved the sweater in the pattern, but I like the drape of yours better. Far less chunky looking.

Anyway, great job!

Congrats!!! It looks awesome! And your button is way cool! What a unique idea!

Great job, it look terrific!

Thanks everyone!

I just have to say it again! Your sweater should have been the model sweater! The model sweater looks so stiff and chunky. Kinda clunky.

Yours is divine.

I printed the pattern this weekend, and I will use a yarn similar to yours! I am glad you paved the way for me! :happydance: