FO - Easy Baby Socks

I recently finished a pair of baby socks, which ended up being big enough to fit me.
Here is a link to the original pattern:
The baby socks are supposed to look like the picture on the site. Hope you have better luck with this.

LOL - the first time I tried to knit a pair of baby booties, the first one I made was so big, I turned it into a bottle cozy!

Hope you have better luck next time :slight_smile:

Hey at least it does look likea sock. LOl And if fits somebody so that’s good. LOl I think they look great, good job.

LOL - sorry, I know it isn’t funny … You should’ve seen my first baby bootie!! I may have fit when the kid was 3 or 4 years old!!! I did end up making two more from another pattern. Still wasn’t small enough for a newborn, but lots smaller than the first one. Frustrating isn’t it?

It looks great and this way your feet stay warm! :happydance:

Yeah, I’ve had big baby bootie syndrome too. Did you use a real fine yarn like the pattern called for? I get into the most trouble when I try to use heavier yarn. LOL Looks like you have the right idea though.

Very nice work! Your photo was fine…

…but I did try the link and the photo on the page didn’t load at all for me. I don’t know why.

I used worsted weight yarn, which is probably why they turned out so big…eventually I ended up finding another use for them when I wasn’t using them…Swiffer cloths, who knew? Anyhow, if I make another pair, I’ll try to do it correctly or close to it, when I’m not too tired.

Well, at least you have the experience of the pattern steps. I’ve certainly made baby booties myself that could go off to college with the recipient.

If you’re going to substitute yarn always choose one that is the same gauge. Great use for the ones that were too large!

Oh, dear! I’m sorry that you’re booties were too big. After having a couple of items that came out too big/small, I finally decided that knitting swatches is worth the time! LOL I’m glad you were able to find a use for the booties.