FO Easter Lacy Bonnet

Here are the pictures of Grace in the bonnet. I had so much fun making it.

I used the pattern from Knitting for Two and changed it a bit. I knit this on size 8 needles, size 6 for the bottom ridge. Grace is 4 1/2 months, and 16 lbs and 10 ounces. This size should fit for another three months, I suspect. It was knit in Caron Simply Soft, Worsted weight. For the brim, I started with a purl row, right after the last purl row for the main part of the bonnet. Then I did row 1 for the flap, then row 2 I purled (pattern says to knit.) So the flap is in stocknette instead of garter.

And thanks for all the cheering Saturday night to finish it. :XX:

I think this is as large as I would make it (famous last words.) heh

Such a cutie! The bonnet turned out great! I have that book, but have yet to try the bonnet, I really want to though!

She looks perfect in her new bonnet!! Wonderful job!

OMG!! How cute is she in her Easter finery! Great job on the hat and the baby!!

Omigosh…she is adorable and the hat is perfect! Now she needs a matching sweater! :cheering: :shock: :roflhard:

:smiley: She is a living doll…looks too, too cute in her Easter duds :wink: Her bonnett is indeed GORGEOUS…just right with her dress :wink:
Makes me wish I didn’t have to look up to see my baby, I miss the days of dressing her up & cuddling…ENJOY these days, they fly by :smiley:

Grace is lovely, and that bonnet is an heirloom for sure!

Wonderful job–that is too adorable!

It’s beautiful, and what a lovely color!

Jan, I almost lost my breath from laughing so hard! <giggle>

I’ll get right on it. Actually I’m knitting her a plum sweater, very casual pullover for next winter. heh. So the matching sweater must wait. Hmm, now you’ve got me thinking about a matching sweater. I better not, we live in South Texas, and already hitting the 90’s some days. But that doesnt mean I cant design her one for next year. :roflhard:

She is a living doll isn’t she! Grace is the sweetiest, happiest baby ever. I love that baby so much.

The baby is so gorgeous I hardly noticed the bonnet :slight_smile:

Wow! That bonnet is just astounding. Grace looks like an angel in it. It really makes her eyes pop. You should be so proud!

Oh my goodness, she’s absolutely gorgeous! That bonnet is too cute! :inlove:

And 16 lbs at 4 1/2 months! My peanut-sized DD is 18 1/2 lbs at her ONE YEAR appt. lol. Your baby could totally beat up my kid. :wink:

Thanks Ladies!

Gimmiesanity! HA! I know my kids are funny, they fit in “average” sizes, but I’ve had two petite babies and two chunky babies. I forget how chunky Grace really is cause my son was 20 lbs at 4 months! They were all breastfeed, so I guess their personal genes are responsible.

Well my mom asked me to design a hat from this pattern for her. heh.

Thanks again Ladies. :inlove: You all are responsible for my knitting success!

She looks like a doll!!! Adorable!!! :cheering:

This is so cute! Great job!

Very sweet! :thumbsup:

I :heart: this bonnet, it’s adorable, as is the baby! The color is great too.

Pixy, Should I go there or not :?? … heh heh heh
I just can’t resist…so please forgive! :devil:
Not only can you knit like nobody’s bizness…But you should be darn proud that you could breast feed a 20lb 4-month old! Whatta woman! I’d be feelin’ a might bit “tuff” if I were you!

Boy it was late last night when I replied! That comment sure sounded different than what I meant last night.
Intent - tuff=cocky about your achievement (in a very kidding tone). Not meant to be confused with “tough” and in need of a spa treatment! :oops