FO: "Earth, Wind & Fire" Blanket

Finally done! It’s resting ALL OVER my sofa hide-a-bed for now…but later I’ll take it off and fold it up…maybe park it on the top of the sofa, folded lengthwise, draping two rows down the back of the sofa. Here are my Ravelry notes if you are interested in the yarn used, quantity, and pattern design!

70" x 56"

You really do want to just look, and then look again at the gorgeous colors. They work so well into the mitred squares and are set off beautifully with the neutral border. Another perfect work of art!

Just scrumptious is all I can say! :muah:

Oh my word. :passedout:


LOVELY!!! What a treasure this is sure to be!!!

Stunning! Wow, what a great blanket.

This is absolutely gorgeous!!:inlove:

BEAUTIFUL. Reminds me of a stained glass window.

Absolutely spectacular. :clink:

Gorgeous! Again I say it looks like stained glass! :inlove:

You need a solid colored couch to show it off to best effect. :teehee:

Absolutely breathtaking…I think you have truly outdone yourself! I simply love admiring your work…cloud9

Beautiful!! You know how so often folks try to make things look seamless? I love the way the seams (and perfectly done) between the blocks make this look like handmade tiles or something. Really adds to the look. Of course the colors are wonderful too.

I really LOVE the method of seaming suggested in this pattern! It’s really nothing new, but who woulda thought of it!!??

Picking up perfectly numbered stitches along the edges of the tiles, completely aligned at all the junctions (quilters know what I’m talking about!), and THEN joining edge to edge by working a three-needle “bind off”! And almost flat on the wrong sides!

This blanket had my name written all over it!

I appreciate your kind words, Judy!

Everyone who’s taken time to say good words: THANKS!

Wow! You need to hang it on the wall instead of folding it. I would want to see every lovely square!

I agree with Bambi–you should hang this gorgeous blanket on the wall for awhile and just sit back and admire it. Then use it for a bedspread so you can spread it out and see all the lovely colors.

Great job (as usual) on this one. Your kids and grand kids will be fighting over it!! :wink:

You’re so sweet! If you could see every wall in my house…you’d faint! I’ve been an Art Consultant since 1981, and the truth of it is, my home has become an art gallery from my own exposure to art over the years! If I hung my blanket over my sofa, 4 paintings would have to be stored in a closet! That room alone has 40 artworks of various mediums. :slight_smile:

I agree with whoever said this was a work of art - simply stunning. I think it’s really the most beautiful blanket I’ve seen.

That is beyond GORGEOUS!!! The border sets of the colors so well!

[I]Ingrid runs to her Silk Garden collection. . . . . . .[/I]

No lie!!! That is incredible!! It looks like a quilt! Absolutely stunning!

You are such a great knitter, I can’t believe that was not machine made. Your corner intersections are absolutely perfect.
I agree with the others who said: That is a work of art!

Oh, my! I’ve been off-line for a while and just saw this. Spectacular!! This pattern could be done so many ways, it’s wonderful! Love, love, love the colors you used. Beautiful, as always!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: