FO - dress

I made a dress for my friend’s daughter

i had this yarn laying around for the longest time and did not have any ideas for it… so i made a dress

from the front:

from the back:

Oh I bet it looks adorable on her!

i will post an action shot when i get one

That dress is precious! Great work!

How cute, I bet it will look great on her!

wowwwwwwwwwww’s that’s gr8888…wel done …thnks for sharing

It’s too cute!! Perfect yarn for the pattern!! Great job!

It is lovely and so girly . I am sure she will look lovely in it :slight_smile:

Very cute. Love the colours.

:happydance: very cute!

Fun little dress. The yarn worked very well used this way.

Adorable! I love it!!

Aw, I love the colors of this yarn! The dress is so cute!

this is amazing.:cheering: i bet it looks great on.