FO - Double-sided White Sox hat

Here’s the hat I made (& re-made) for my BIL who is a HUGE White Sox fan! I originally cast this on months ago as a double-knit hat, but after I made the two baby hats I liked that technique (provisional CO, knit hat, PU prov. sts & knit hat in opposite direction, then shove one inside the other) better. This way, its still double-thick and WARM, but I avoided having a backward logo on the second side and he has an option for a “less busy” design. The second side just has the two lt gray stripes. This was my first attempt at stranding, and some of the design sts are a bit wonky, but, hey…

:cheering: :cheering: Great! He’ll love it!

Neat hat Kelly! So glad you posted this coz I was just about to start a double knit hat from that pattern on patterncentral that you used but then I saw this method and was wondering if it was better.

I’m dying to try double knitting but… hey, did you notice that in the pattern they leave out casting on Color B? Isn’t that a mistake?

It says this:

[color=darkblue]Cast on 162 stitches in color A.[/color]
If you want to make your hat smaller or larger, you can cast on a different number of stitches. When changing the number of stitches, check your gauge and multiply the number of stitches per inch by the desired head circumference. Multiply this number by two (you’re essentially knitting two hats, remember!) and cast on the resulting number.

Row 1: With color A K1, bring yarn forward, slip next stitch purlwise, bring yarn back, repeat from * to * across the row. DO NOT TURN WORK!
Row 2:[color=darkblue] With color B [/color]slip next stitch purlwise, bring yarn forward, P1, bring yarn back, repeat from * to * across the row.

Am I missing something? Nice hat anyway! cheers, Vic

Nope…not a mistake. The CO edge will be all one color. If you CO with both colors held as one, you will cast on HALF the number of required sts because each CO st will have two strands, and you will end up with a “mottled” looking edge, and will have to sort the colors out so they alternate as you knit that first row. Here’s a pic of the first DK hat I made for DH oh so long ago…you can see the difference.

Very cute KK!!
Go Sox!

Looks great!

Thanks Kelly! They didn’t bother to explain that, it was a complete mystery to me. You are too smart! :smiley:

:cheering: Great job he will love it :thumbsup:

He DID love it!! :cheering: And, it turns out he has dedicated their computer room to the Sox. :rollseyes:

:cheering: :cheering:

Kelly that looks great. The shape and size of the hat is EXTACTLY what I want for my brother. Did you wing it or is there a pattern? Thanks :slight_smile:

It is VERY LOOSELY based on THIS PATTERN, which Ive made before. You can really add any design to it, and Silver was kind enough to help me with a chart for the Sox logo.

Here’s what I did with the pattern this time:

LionBrand Woolease
Sz 6 16" circ

CO 81 sts provisionally
Join to work in round
Knit 50 rows (incorporating whatever design or stripes you wish)
k7, k2tog around
k around
k6, k2tog around
k around
k5, k2tog around
k around
k4, k2tog around
k3, k2tog around
k2, k2tog around
k1, k2tog around
k2tog around
run yarn through 9 sts & pull tight.
Pick up provisional sts
knit hat in opposite direction
shove on half of hat into the other, lining up tops
tack tops of hat together by pulling tail through & weaving tail into the opposite side of the hat, hide tail in between layers.

Kelly, that’s great you posted these instructions! Thanks much. So, you prefer this version over the double knitting of each round? (Ok, I’ll go back and look at your original comment…) Oh, ok, the logo…

I have one more question if you have the time! You said you only cast on with Color A which I see, but when it says to do Round 2 with Color B that means you join Color B and knit with it? I’m so slow with instructions sometimes… But 162 stitches seems BIG.

Sorry to be so obtuse. :doh:

I do prefer this technique over double-knitting. However, if you DO choose to DK, you will originally CO 162 sts because on the next row, you start K-ing with color A and P-ing with color B…it divides the hat into 2 layers, each being 81 sts around. If you use the method I used on the Sox hat, you only CO 81 sts to begin with, and knit the hat in both directions.

Kelly–how do you think this hat will stay on compared to a hat with a bit of ribbing around the edge? My son shaves his head, so I’d like to make him a hat like this with red/black sides to match the scarf, but I wonder if it has stretch to it.

well it’s about FREAKIN time!!!

It looks great! BTW, I finally did get that darn crochet cast on thingy down :slight_smile: So now I can do the double knit the easy KK way instead of the dumb makes hildie confused way! :cheering:


I just finished a hat like this with 1.5 inches of ribbing on the bottom edge. It came out pretty well, but there are a few things I’d do differently the next time.

First, I “forgot” to do the ribbing on a needle a size or two smaller. It was my first provisional cast on, then joining to work in the round, and I guess my brain went on a temporary holiday! Anyway, the ribbing DOES help the hat stay on ( and makes it extra cozy over the ears) even though mine isn’t quite as tight as I’d like.

When I went back to the provisional cast on to do the ‘second’ hat, I didn’t like the way the two ribbings were matching up (not well), so I did one row of all knit before starting the ribbing on the second hat. This LOOKS nice and gives a smooth color join, however, the bottom edge of the finished hat is a little thick right at the color change. I think next time I’ll PURL the row between hats and hopefully it will lay a little flatter.

I also noticed (as I was putting away my Denise’s) that I’d knittind the whole thing with one size 6 point and one size 7 on the second circ I used when the hat got too small for just one circ. Can’t really tell from looking at it and my DS won’t care, but it was a real :doh: :shock: moment when I noticed. Oh well! :rofling:

Happy Hat Knitting :XX: :XX:


Great hat!

I KNOW! I cast this hat on MONTHS ago, using the “makes Hildie confused” way! I was avoiding it until I decided to do it the easy way.

Mary…those are all really good tips!

Thanks, Kempy!! :heart:

Thanks for the tips! I think I’ll cast on tonight and see how it goes.