FO: Doll sweater

I made this little doll sweater and learned how to do steeks. Cutting the steeks wasn’t really scary, but this was a very small project and not much time would have been lost if I messed it up.

Now the challenge is to try to make a fair isle sweater for myself, steeks and all.

:smiley: You did a great job…it’s beautiful :smiley: What a good idea…practicing on doll clothes :thumbsup:

Beautiful job!

Oh, my, that is gorgeous! :smiley: What size needles did you use?

Wow that looks nice! :thumbsup:

I used size 9 needles (size 7 for the ribbing), and the yarn is Brown Sheep lamb’s pride worsted. It was a fun little project. I took an online class called steeking without fear at

How adorable!! And that is a really great idea…practicing on little doll items instead of the big stuff! Great job! :thumbsup:

Looks really good! I’m surprised that an item knitted on such large needles would fit a doll that size. Great idea to practice steeks on doll clothes.

:cheering: Good for you! That’s beautiful!

hides screen from 7 y/o DD because she would MOST certainly want such a sweater for her dolls!

Great job! Steek on!

Cool! :thumbsup:

That’s very cute! And what a great idea to practice on doll’s clothes! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

That’s wonderful – and what a great idea to knit on a small scale. I should try that.

That looks like a ton of work! You did a beautiful job!

It’s so pretty!

I don’t know if you read the yarn harlot blog, but your project totally made me think of her. She talks about steeks in some of her posts…pretty funny. And you can see a gorgeous full size here

Wow her sweater is gorgeous…thanks for the link!

I did a post on steeks a while back, too. They’re really not so scary and they do make sweaters a lot easier–no seaming at all!

Steeked Sweater 101