FO Doddy from Knitty

I was inspired by shrinkingknitter’s interpretation of Knitty’s Doddy. The colors I had on hand were a bit bolder, but overall, I like the result.

It is a great pattern. Fun and quick, with lots of ways to make it your own. If you need a quick baby gift and are looking for something unique, I highly recommend this pattern.

I have it bookmarked…one of these days I’ll try it out.

Yours looks wonderful!:thumbsup:

really really attractive and CUTE!

I hadn’t seen that befor, that’s really neat. I love the colors you used, great job :thumbsup:

How cute is that!!! Nice knitting.

I just love that! Is there a link to the pattern somewhere? I clicked the link in post #1, but it opens a jpg picture file. :doh:

Sure, here’s the link. Very rewarding to knit because there is very little assembly - you p/u stitches for each new face. So when you are done knitting, you pretty much have your FO right away.

Very cute!!

Great job! I love how yours turned out!

That’s really cool - I’m off to bookmark it now!

They are really great! Love the colors! What a nice concept for a baby gift! I’m gonna hafta find a baby to knit for! All my girls have closed up shop.

Very cute! And sounds like a great project for using up odds and ends leftover in your stash.

At first I thought it was a hat. But it is a ball isn’t it? It would be neat to make a hat that way, if it would work. Very cool.

What a great ideea! :yay: And such a beautiful gift!

I really like the bold colors and a baby or toddler should would. It looks great!