FO: Dinosaur Sweater for my son


As always, I am popping in to say hi and show my last FO. Our family is a bit crazy about dinosaurs so there you go. This version (it’s a second sweater with the same pattern) is a bit less detailed due to gauge but it’s sooo warm. Also, the original sweater has brown instead of black and looks more like a silhouette with the sunset on the background. Well, that’s what I was going for anyway :slight_smile:

Since I mentioned the original design, that’s what it looks like. I am debating leaving it as a vest… What do you think, sleeves or no sleeves?

What a cute sweater. Great job on it. And your son looks absolutely adorable in it.

What kid wouldn’t love a dinosaur sweater like that? He is too cute! Well done, as always. Thanks for sharing.

OMG that is adorable and so is your son!
My opinion on sleeves is if it’s cold enough to wear a warm sweater you’re probably going to want sleeves. It looks cute either way though.

I missed the sleeves question. Sleeves!

They are gorgeous and what a cutey!

Beautiful sweater, Olha! :heart::heart::heart:

Handsome son!

I vote for sleeves.


A superb sweater, Olha! Lovely work! Looks like you block your work, too!

My vote: [B]add the sleeves [/B]to the brown-pumpkin-white ‘vest’. Without sleeves it looks overall like a woman’s sleeveless tank, something about the shape of it, regardless of the dinosaur…it looks feminine.

Oh, how very cute, Olha!

I vote for sleeves, too. Sounds like you need them! Now, if you were in a nice, mostly-warm place (like Texas), I would say skip them. But you’re not. So, yeah, sleeves!

Oh, I missed the sleeves question as well. And I vote for sleeves along with the rest. Still. Great sweater.

Both sweaters are adorable and so well done. Your son is the perfect model, just as cute as could be. Lovely work (and yes, sleeves on the second sweater).

Absolutely darling…little one and the sweaters!!

Very cool concept and wonderful execution! This reminds me a little bit of the “Solar System Sweater” a friend of ours made for her son who’s around the same age.

As for the sleeves/no sleeves question, I’m gonna concur with Jan. If it’s cold enough to warrant a warm sweater, you’re probably going to want sleeves.

Thanks! Sleeves then. To ArtLady – I think it is the round neck and the ‘round’ apperance because of the couch cushions. It’s actually quite ‘tall’ and ‘thin’ but you woudn’t say from the picture.

Most likely this sweter will stay in a ziploc bag till next season – it’s too big for my son but my dinosaur-loving daughter rejected in on the basis of being ‘for boys’ :slight_smile:

p.s. It’s nice to ‘hang out’ here with you even when it’s a rare occasion :slight_smile:

Always nice to have you drop by and fun to see your latest projects.

Lovely fun project! Your daughter’s loss for not wanting it, I would wear it and I’m 46!! It would have to be a bit bigger though, lol!

to Brenda - :slight_smile:

I love this! I’m a big fan of dinosaurs myself. I like both the sweater and vest, but if I had to pick one I’d probably go with sleeves.