FO - Crayon Baby set

I made this hat, socks and mitts (I made up that pattern) from KP Simple Stripes in Crayon. For a friend Ive known since I was 4…baby shower this Sunday!

So cute! :smiley:

OMG Kelly, that is SO freaking adorable!

Make a set for me, please?!? :mrgreen:

Silver, do you have some news for us? :??

I meant a set for ME… you know, in a big size! LOL

You… snort… thought I… snort… was preg… BAHAHAHA
(Sorry. I’ve been fixed for um… 10 years now. WOOHOO!) :wink:

OH THANKS, Julie and Sil!


I’ve missed you too! I’ve been making graphics n stuff. You know… that thing called work or something. :wink:

aww how cute :cheering: great job!!

Work is STUPID. :mad:

Thanks, Dust!!

KK…I SO :heart:[color=red] LOVE[/color] :heart: IT :wink: !

Missed u around here Silver :smiley:

Oh Kelly, those are so pretty! I bet she’ll love them!

THANKS!! :mrgreen:

That almost makes me want to make some baby stuff!

Kelly…they are beautiful…one happy baby on the way :thumbsup:


I’m NOT a guest…don’t know how that happened unless it was because I wasn’t logged in :roflhard:


I absolutely love them! :happydance:

(PS - What is “FO” please? Maybe we need a knitting forum abbreviations section! LOL)



Thank you, thank you! :wink:

Kelly they’re so cute!!

I love primary/bright colors for babies!!


:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: Cracked up when I scrolled down to see your comment because when I saw the pic, the first thing that came into my head was “SO freaking adorable!” Even my thoughts stay G rated on this forum…I might normally substitue a different word.